NOS4A2 Will Return For A Second Season


NOS4A2 has come and gone. The hit series based on the best-selling book by Joe Hill made a hell of a splash when it premiered on AMC back in early June. The series ran for ten episodes. The series wrapped up season 1 this past Sunday with a fiery two-hour season finale.

Joe Hill’s story creates a new take on the vampire tale. The world is introduced to Vic McQueen played by Ashleigh Cummings, and the evil Charlie Manx played sinisterly by  Zachary Quinto. Vis has a gift; she can find things. On her bike, she pictures the item and then crosses the Shorter Way Bridge, and she is then brought to wherever the item was left. As she begins to discover this power, she runs into an evil man named Charlie Manx who also has an evil power. Manx feeds off the energy of children as he locks them in his evil black 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith. After Manx drains the children’s energy, he drives them to Chistmasland which is a twisted place in Manx’s mind where Christmas is every day. Vic will do whatever she can do to fight Manx and try to save the children before she loses everything.

It was announced at SDCC that NOS4A2 will return for a second season. No release date was announced but will continue the story from Joe Hill’s book. NOS4A2 is a great show and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Vic McQueen and Charlie Manx.

What was your favorite thing about the show?


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