Pop! Pop! Ep. 42 – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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Welcome back, nerds, to another episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! We know this posting consistency must be weird for you guys, but it’s okay, we’re going to get through this together.  And remember, if we just suddenly stop posting for a year, it’s not your fault and we still love each and every one of you.  But for now let’s focus on the good and talk about this week’s episode!

As we always do, we talk about what media our eyeballs have been soaking up recently and both Taylor and Joel have some new shows they’ve been binging.  Amazon’s The Boys had a presence at Comic-Con and Taylor watched almost the entire season in one day!  Meanwhile, over in self-therapy-land, Joel caught up with all six episodes of Euphoria in one day… Jeez guys, get a life.

Taika Watiti got a little break after Thor: Ragnarok to make his passion project, Jo Jo Rabbit, and the trailer is pleasantly odd.  Taylor likens it to a New Zealand Wes Anderson film and Joel loves this idea.  Then, the movie everyone asked for, but Sony took ten years to make: Zombieland 2: Double Tap!  While the first trailer leaves a lot to yearn for, the guys are still pumped for it and briefly touch on that failed Zombieland TV pilot… yeah, forgot about that one, didn’t yah?

Finally, Joel munches down on some salt & black pepper chips while the guys review Quentin Tarantino’s ninth (this is heavily debated) film: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.  The consensus?  It was a good film.  Also the consensus?  It was way too long.  But, there’s a lot to love about this film, from Brad Pitt to gratuitous violence and beyond.  Tune in and see if you agree with our final decisions about Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood! 

All of this, and always more, on this week’s episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast!


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