The Must Have Tipx Upgrade

The Must-Have Tipx Upgrade

(DL) I have finally found the must-have upgrade for your Tipx Paintball Pistol. Well, let’s start off with, I don’t ever use my Tipx. Period. I’d rather shoot anything off my wall and it just sits around. DangerMan reached out to me asking if I had said pistol and proceeded to send me an email confirming shipment of a receiver sleeve/front block for the Tipx. And in this package came the must-have upgrade for any Tipx.

The Joy of a Different Barrel

Nemesis by Carmatech Engineering
Nemesis by Carmatech Engineering

The Paintball Industry has come to the consensus that a 14-inch barrel, properly bored, will get you the best accuracy possible. I contend that paintball is first and foremost an accuracy by volume sport for the most part.

The folks over at Paintball Tactical Mods took the matter into their own hands and wanted a better way to get a bigger, and better barrel on that kill monger. They wanted to be able to have a gun that could potentially save your skin on the field, to actually be able to do that. With Accuracy.

The Tipx stock barrel is pretty much hot garbage. 6 inches of disappointment.  Huge bore, no porting and just plain bad. But, there are plenty of other options out there because it does have a very generic A5 barrel thread. Freak, Lapco, Nemesis all make barrels in that thread. More often, however, you’re taking out that front block for those barrels to fit and it just kills the look of the Tipx.

The Product itself

Nemesis Front Block

The Paintball Tactical Mods front black is a simple sleeve. Heavy 6061 Aluminum is CNC milled and machined to the proper measurements guaranteeing accuracy every time.  Weighing in at JUST over 2 ounces, you won’t even notice it. As well as a high-quality product, you also have the potential to have some custom touches added in the form of colors of the block as well as fonts and a few short characters etched into the side. PTM knew that we players like to be badasses and stand apart.

The Nemesis Front Block

My Tipx is great!  Why should I buy this upgrade?

Because it’s the upgrade your Tipx NEEDS. The Tipx is a lot of things, but a bullseye shooter with the stock barrel isn’t one of them. It’s reliable, it’s bulletproof, and it looks damn cool. This little 35 dollar part is what will take it to that next level. It won’t help on efficiency and you won’t notice the weight reduction.

You will, however, notice the guy coming down your tape line as you’re in the bushes without your primary and have the ability to get him out before he does any damage to your team. That’s the main goal of the block. To have another upgrade available and to make you, the player, better.

Mag Fed Pistol

OK, You’ve convinced me. I’m buying one

Great! I included the link up above and they’ll appreciate the business! You should read an article from another one of our writers as well. Be sure to add some custom touches to it. I plan on using my Tipx now and getting it some love. As well as being able to use an 18-inch barrel on a Tipx. It’s my level of crazy and I hope you look for me show me how you’re using you must have upgrade for the Tipx.

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