Does ‘Genesis 1: A Poppy Graphic Novel’ Shed Some Light On The Enigma Of Poppy?

Many of you are most likely familiar with the enigmatic android-like persona that is musician Poppy. Undoubtedly, you were left curious like most of us attempting to figure out her story and the origins behind the repetitive “I am Poppy” and just what it all means and just how Poppy became such an internet phenomenon.

“Is she a girl? Is she a machine? Is she humanity’s redemption, or its damnation? Don’t be scared — either way, she is Poppy…and you love Poppy.”

Recently, we were thrilled to come across the graphic novel “Genesis 1: A Poppy Graphic Novel”published by Z2 Comics ,authored by Poppy, herself, along with Titantic Sinclair and Ryan Cady and illustrated by artists Ian McGinty and MinoMiyabi that attempts to shed some much-needed light into Poppy’s origins, motivations and more. “Genesis One: A Poppy Graphic Novel” is a must-read for all Poppy fans, as well as, others who are looking for a deeply fascinating and engrossing spiritual sci-fi journey.

Another amazing aspect tied to this graphic novel is that it is bundled with a brand-new album from Poppy, titled “I C U: music to read to”, which features some absolutely amazing soundscapes created to sync perfectly with your reading experience. It is a brilliant idea and truly set the tone for the graphic novel we were busy consuming. The album is all instrumental pieces, so it in no way distracts from the graphic novel, but rather enhances the overall reading experience.

The graphic novel gives fans a chance to find out just how Poppy was created and where we can see her headed in the future. It sheds a ton of light on the mythical nature of Poppy and her incredibly unique persona/brand. The graphic novel features fantastic visual interpretations paired with smart writing that was easy to follow and immediately drew us into the story.

There are also numerous references to many of Poppy’s music and YouTube videos hidden throughout the graphic novel and it features something for fans of various genres including, but not limited to, sci-fi, religion, spirituality, occult, politics, fantasy and more. By the time we finished up the story, we were definitely left wanting more.

Let’s hope that Poppy continues to intrigue us pop-culture/nerd culture fanatics, as despite receiving a few answers within the graphic novel, we are certainly left with just as many questions as well! Seriously, what is Poppy?



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