Here Is What We Learned from Bruce Campbell At SDCC About Ripley’s Believe It Or Not



Season one of Ripley’s Believe It or Not just wrapped it’s run on the Travel Channel. The show was inspired by Robert Ripley who over 100 years ago traveled the globe showcasing breathtaking feats and uncanny abilities that captivated men, women and children alike.

Today the adventure continues as horror- icon and actor Bruce Campbell reveals even more of the world’s wonders and astonishing real-life stories. Campbell helped produce the new show as well as the host. Bruce Campbell stopped by San Diego Comic-Con and gave us some insight into the show as well on if he will return to the Evil Dead franchise.

Always in a snarky mood, Campbell had this to say about the show. In speaking to the press aft Campbell described the amazing individuals and stories that the show will feature. “None of this is fake. That’s what’s cool. Everything I do is fake… Everything you see in the show is real,” he said, emphasizing the fact that these are genuine, true stories of human and natural wonder.

On returning to the Evil Dead Series: He talked about how director Sam Raimi and creator of the Evil Dead series every once in a while and likes to toy with the press and put out there that I would like to return to the character of ASH. He then motioned like he was using a make-believe walker to walk and pretty much said he doesn’t want to be seen in that light. And that the tv series that aired on Starz did a good job in telling the rest of Ash’s story.

Replays of season one are now playing on The Travel Channel and OnDemand. A season 2 has yet to be announced, but we look forward to watching season 2 if there is one. If you could tell a true-life story on Ripley s, what would it be? Leave a comment below. Would you also love to see Bruce Campbell return as ASH from Evil Dead? Tell us below.

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