Pop! Pop! Ep. 43 – Which Fox Films Are Disney Scrapping?!

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First and foremost, before we talk about anything else related to this episode, we need to hammer home one thing: Avengers Endgame is out on DVD & Blu-Ray and our VERY OWN Taylor Salan has a pull quote on the FREAKING BOX!  So go out and buy it, please! And then for fun send us selfies with your copy! It would be dope to see the interaction! Now, before we talk about Which Fox films are Disney scrapping… we have:

Okay, ahem, now for this week’s episode.  Taylor’s been doing some awesome Blu-Ray reviews, and we cover them briefly here.  Joel is finally back on the Marvel Comics train after half a decade and he’s raving about Jonathan Hickman’s House of X Powers of X.  If Joel can get back on board with mainstream cape books, so can you!

The Eternals,
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Next up, Nerd News! Gemma Chan is in The Eternals… But wait, wasn’t she in Captain Marvel!?  Yes, yes she was. So what does this mean? Your guess is as good as ours! But we DO make some guesses.  Andy Serkis is officially directing Venom 2 so we no longer have to speculate… about that.  Now we get to speculate what he’s going to bring to the table.  To round out Nerd News, Joel still uses Movie Pass… yeah, what of it!? He’s going to ride that flaming blimp into the ground.

We briefly touched on Amazon’s The Boys last week, but both Joel and Taylor were able to finish it and have some rave reviews to give to your ears this week.  Joel delves a little bit into the back story of this show and how Garth Ennis created this depraved comic book while Taylor talks implications for season 2.  While the consensus is that it’s great, tune in to find out exactly WHY it’s so loved.  Definite SPOILERS for this segment.

Finally, in this deceivingly short episode, the guys break down which Fox films are Disney scrapping?  I know, we’ve talked about this merger one hundred times, but bare with us.  Early this week we were given a glimpse into what films Disney was inheriting from 20th Century Fox and more importantly, which films were going to make it to the silver screen and which were getting canned.  While the obvious ones like Avatar and Terminator are getting to see the light of day, there were a lot of great projects from directors like Drew Goddard and Cary Fukunaga that are going to see the chopping block.  This is a chunky segment, so make sure to tune in!

All of this and more on this week’s episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast!

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