‘Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel’ Is A Must-Read For Both Comic And Music Fans!

Z2 Comics partnered up with rock band Skillet to release a graphic novel titled “Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel” and we have to say that it is an absolute must-read for both comic and music fans alike. The story surrounded the main characters John and Korey along with the help from ex-soldier Seth and cyborg Jen on their quest to protect their loved ones from a group of zealots that steal a machine that served as a protection device and eventually lead them all into redemption.

Image courtesy: Z2 Comics

The story sucked us in from beginning to end with its amazingly vivid imagery and immersive storyline. While many of us are most familiar with Skillet’s musical works, it is fascinating to see what they were able to bring to the table when working in another creative medium.

“Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel” was co-written by John Cooper of Skillet along with Random Shock Studio writers Alex Paknadel and Dan Watters and Chris Hunt served as the graphic artist. The story kept us on the edge of our seats while reading as you feel like you are truly traveling along in this journey with John, Korey, Seth, and Jen and you can not wait to turn the page to see what will happen next. The graphic novel brings together elements of love, family, community, action, hope, sci-fi and of course a little bit of the supernatural in an incredibly exciting way.

The graphic novel is truly Skillet’s music brought to live in a different medium and as we paged through the story we could pick out the various references that often pour forth from Skillet’s songs brought to life visually such as monsters representing various human emotions and many of the struggles faced by the characters are those that many of us must deal with in real life. There is also a solid touch of John Cooper’s amazing sense of humor thrown in to break up some of the tension and we couldn’t have seen it done any other way. Cooper knows his superheroes and it shows!

We are left wondering just how this group of characters will be able to save the world, however, in the end, they prove victorious and the novel ends on a very uplifting note. We definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy of “Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel” wherever graphic novels are sold and be sure to let us know your thoughts in comments below! Now, we can just hold out hope for a sequel!


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