IT Chapter Two Review

We went and saw a movie I have been waiting all year to see, IT Chapter Two. The movie will hit theater’s this week and will surely be a delight for fans of Stephen King and his killer clown creation Pennywise. The movie was well worth the wait, and don’t be surprised if you see more Pennywise costumes this Halloween.

Pennywise has returned after a twenty-seven-year slumber and begins feasting on the children of Derry once more. The Loser’s Club who first defeated Pennywise years before must return to their old town to defeat the killer clown once and for all.

Whoever did the casting to cast the adult Loser’s should win an award. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, and Andy Bean all portray the adult Losers. I got to admit Bill Hader hit it out of the park playing adult Richie Tozier is a very successful comedian, but after learning about Derry, he loses all his confidence.

Just like the 2017 film, IT Chapter Two follows the 1986 novel by horror writer Stephen King. The king of horror makes a surprise cameo in the film in a good two to the three-minute scene when Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) walks into an antique shop after spotting his bicycle from childhood. King pops up out of a chair as the shop owner after recognizing Denbrough the famous author from Derry. The audience in the theater cheered when they recognized it was King.

Bill Skarsgard is back as Pennywise. I don’t know how he does it, but Skarsgard is able to add an element that makes the clown seem almost childlike right before he bites your head off. They tried to give Pennywise more of an origin story in this film, but I would love to know why this ancient being from the cosmos would choose the form of a clown. In certain photos, while Beverly ( Jessica Chastain) is visiting her old home you can see old black and white photos of Pennywise as a human dressed as a businessman.

I think a lot of fans will be happy that in the third act of the film when Pennywise takes its true form to battle the Loser’s, Pennywise keeps his face so that he can still look scary and talk to its prey. So many fans were mad that in the 1990 version Pennywise turned into a giant spider.  It’s amazing what a big budget can do for a film.

IT Chapter Two was an awesome flick. It has a run time of two hours and forty-nine minutes. The film is long but goes smoothly with mixing scenes of the child actors and the adult actors. The couple early scenes with Pennywise pay off. Andy Muschietti. BRAVO. I saw you checking out them tampons.



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