Taking A Drive Down Delaware’s Devil’s Road! Are The Legends True?

Image courtesy: The Cult House of Beaver Valley Facebook page

As we enter into the Halloween season many people are in search of various local haunts and urban legends to check out and give themselves a good spook. One infamous urban legend in the area of Delaware and Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania is the mysterious Cossart Road, otherwise known as Devil’s Road to the locals, which is said to be home to the Cult House and somewhat tied in with the famous DuPont family. 

Cossart Road is incredibly narrow and in some areas can only fit one single car at a time, as it creepily winds its way through the heavily wooded area of the Brandywine Valley. The trees seemingly bend themselves away from the roadway, despite the fact that it has been documented that they have never been cut to grow that way and there have been various reports from locals, especially thrill-seeking teens, who claim to have been chased down the road by mysterious vehicles, seen strange lights and felt an overwhelming sense of dread while traveling on this particular stretch of road. 

It is also worth noting that even horror director M. Night Shyamalan has gotten in on the legend of “Devil’s Road”, as some scenes from his film “The Village” were shot in the woods surrounding the area. The “Cult House” aspect plays in as there is a mansion that is barely visible from the roadway surrounding by several “No Trespassing Signs” that is said to have been owned by the DuPont family. The family had a history of marrying those from their own bloodline in order to keep the family money within the DuPont family. There are others however that say the so-called “Cult House” was used for KKK meetings or satanic rituals. 

As we mentioned earlier some of the other eerie aspects of Cossart/”Devil’s Road” include the tree growth, as they seemingly bend away from the roadway in a most unnatural way. Most of the time trees will grow towards the sunlight, however, on Cossart Road, they grow in the opposite direction. Also, the further away you get from the “Cult House” location the trees once again begin to take on their natural growth pattern. There is also the strange phenomena of the “skull trees”, which are trees in which the bottom stumps appear to take on the shape of a skull. Rumor has it that the DuPont family would bury the bodies of the babies that were born disabled due to the alleged family incest within these trees. 

Those who have been brave enough to exit their vehicles on Cossart Road and attempt to explore the “Cult House” property, despite the many, many “No Trespassing” signs posted up and down the road, have reported being chased off from the house by trench coat clad security guards armed with flashlights or chased down by these same men driving completely blacked trucks of some sort. Also, spotted along the road at times are spray-painted with upside-down crosses, nooses hung on trees and other odd symbols marked on the trees, however, these sightings are most likely due to young pranksters and not supernatural phenomena. 

Haunted or not, Cossart/”Devil’s Road” is probably one of the creepiest areas of Delaware/Chadds Ford to visit, but remember to be aware of your surroundings, don’t break any laws and enter at your own risk! 

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