Thank You Conrad Thompson For Making Wrestling Fun Again

Podcasting has hit the mainstream. Everyone seems to have a podcast. I even have a podcast. Some of these podcasts can be entertaining and some borderline on pulling teeth.  One man from the great state of Alabama has been entertaining fans with his various podcasts for quite some time.

What is the subject of these podcasts? Professional Wrestling or Sports Entertainment for those of you in the New York area. “ The best thing since wrestling.” As Eminem says in his song Without Me. Conrad Thompson who has been a life- long wrestling fan, and host’s four of the hottest podcasts about the subject.

Conrad has some pretty good company while hosting these podcasts. The four men who Conrad co-hosts the podcast with all have extreme knowledge of the subject. All four men have at one time been employed by the mighty successful WWE. With the knowledge they have and the comrade and friendship they have with Conrad each podcast is a fun and entertaining listen.

The four men that Conrad shares the mic with are Jim Ross a former announcer and backstage producer for WWE. Ross is now doing commentary for the hot new promotion AEW, which airs Wednesday nights on TNT. You can check out their podcast called Grilling JR.

Tony Schiavone who worked for WWE early on in his career but went on to become a household name when he became one of the voices for WCW which went head to head in competition with WWE in the late nineties. Tony is also doing commentary for AEW alongside Jim Ross. You can listen to Tony and Conrad on the podcast What Happened When.

Eric Bischoff who was the man behind the scenes of WCW for many years and created many controversies in the business. He helped create the NWO and gave Vince McMahon a run for his money. I’m not sure what Bischoff is up too. I think he is busy fishing, doing push up’s and hanging out with his family. You can listen to Conrad and Eric Bischoff’s podcast called 83 weeks.

Bruce Prichard has been called Vince McMahon’s right- hand man behind the scenes of WWE for many years. Bruce is now back with WWE and running the Smackdown show. This was the first wrestling podcast I ever listened too, and instantly became a fan of these two men. You can listen to Conrad and Bruce on their podcast Something to Wrestle.

The various podcasts that Conrad host cover a variety of subjects about wrestling. Whether it’s watching an ECW show with Tony Schiavone from 1997 or talking to Bruce Prichard about what it was like backstage during a WrestleMania from his tenure there. The podcasts are fun and entertaining to listen to and can be very insightful for any fan that ever wondered what happened behind the curtain.

You can also see Conrad on the road as he tours the country with some of his podcast partners. These shows are always fun and cover subjects that are usually not covered in the podcasts. I went and saw Bruce Prichard and Conrad last year at Jimmy’s Seafood in Baltimore and had loads of fun and the food was outstanding. I just wanted to thank you, Conrad, for making me a wrestling fan again and bringing Tony Schiavone out for the masses to listen to his stories.

You can check out his site at for more information about his show and tour.

I met Conrad after a show with Bruce Prichard in Philadelphia at the old ECW Arena. He was super nice and it was an honor to meet him, he looks like he could beat someone up if he had too.

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