Toy Makers Want Krampus To Scare You

(PCM) In American folklore if a child is bad, he or she might get a bag of coal on Christmas morning. Let’s be honest every child isn’t on their best behavior around the holiday season. In a time when parents must get Sorry Santa letters, because they were not able to get their hands on a Hatchimal Egg. The Hatchimal Egg is the hottest toy of the season on children’s Christmas lists. Some parents are turning away from the tradition of putting coal in their bad kids stocking.

Krampus is a popular folklore tale told mainly in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Northern Italy. Krampus is said to be a “horned half-goat, half-demon.” Krampus dwindles in the shadows of Saint Nicholas and rewards good children with gifts, but the bad children get punished. Krampus is so popular that there are parades around the world to celebrate his day. The Feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in parts of Europe on 6 December. On the preceding evening of December 5, Krampus Night or Krampusnacht, the wicked hairy devil appears on the streets and visits homes and local business. A popular comedy/horror movie titled, Krampus was released in 2014.

At least twelve toy companies have put out what they are calling feelers for creating a Krampus toy. Keeping naughty children in line and trying to cash in on the latest craze as Krampus hysteria. In the vein of the popular Elf on The Shelf, the Krampus toy will keep an eye on your naughty spawn.

Toy companies are hoping to go into production in early 2017. Just in time for next year’s holiday rush. No demos or even a marketing plan has been announced yet, but hopefully we will see something soon. Hey a Krampus toy sounds a lot better than coal.




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