Mark Hamill Might Be Known As A Jedi But His Voice Will Live In Villainy Infamy

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For forty-plus years now Mark Hamill has been a household name. Hamill’s work in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker the apprentice turned Jedi master was box office gold and inspired a generation of future storytellers including Kevin Smith, but more on that later.

Mark Hamill might be known as a Jedi, but his voice has found the Darkside, and he has been making quite the impact as a voice actor. Hamill started voicing Joker all the way back in the early ’90s. The Joker is quite possibly Batman’s greatest enemy.  And fans seemed to be overjoyed to have Hamill take the voice and give it’s his take.

Then in 2019 horror fans and the world alike were shocked to hear that Hamill would be the voice of Chucky. Yes, everyone’s favorite knee-high serial killer from the 80’s that scared me, and little kids everywhere. This knew Chucky was not in the same realm of the Don Mancini creation, but an entire new adaption. Fans were mixed about the new adaption but were happy to see Hamill’s name attached.

Now let’s get back to Kevin Smith. Smith famously directed Hamill in his 2001 movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Smith has been on the road recently in support of his latest film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Kevin Smith will bring an animated Masters of the Universe: Revelation to Netflix. If that isn’t big enough news the cast that will voice the characters has recently been revealed.

An all-star cast has been announced including Hamill who will voice the villain Skeletor. Also announced are Lena Headey, Chris Wood and Sarah Michelle Gellar headline the ensemble for Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Mattel will produce the show a premiere date has yet to be announced.

Yes Mark Hamill is a household name and the work he is doing playing the Joker, Chucky, and now Skeletor is leaving a work of villainy behind, and we love it.


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