Why Paintballs Hurt

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Here Is Why Paintballs Hurt When They Hit You

Let’s get one thing straight. Paintballs don’t really hurt. But people ask. They ask what paintball pain feels like. People ask how much they hurt. They don’t feel comfortable, but the words, pain and hurt conjure thoughts of blood, cuts, going to the hospital and such.  Paintball hits don’t reach that level. Not in actual paintball. People wouldn’t play if it they did. There are factors in how the impact smarts on the skin!  Therefore we will In baseball, a fastball can reach a speed of 108 miles per hour. In paintball, a round will travel at 184 miles per hour and faster. In paintball language that’s 270




What paintball field owners do have is good business sense, along with a love for the game. Combine the two and you the player get games created to keep you at a long enough distance that when a paintball does strike  you, it will break, but it won’t break your spirit. 

Yes, there is a sting. Stop! Don’t think bee sting! They hurt! They stay with you. The sting we are referring to here begins with in name only. What hurts like a sting but feels much less painful than a sting? That’s the long range hit from a paintball being described.  The distance of a paintball is generally about 150 to 200 feet.  Paintball players call this, range.

Here is the bad news. As you get closer, the sting that isn’t like a be sting, can be worse in bite, but fortunately lasts momentarily. 

Does this mean your pain level will go up if get closer to someone in a paintball game and get shot? Not necessarily. You see, range is only one variable. There are a total of four factors in what causes paintball pain. Knowing these four factors will empower you to play paintball near or far from opponents and enjoy the game all the same. 

Range of Paintballs by position on field
Players demonstrate range of paintballs by their position on the field.

The Four Factors Of How A Paintball Impacts Your Body

Paintball Infographic | Four Factors of Impact in how paintballs cause pain

The thought of how much a paintball hurts is enough to not want to be hit by a paintball, let alone play in even the friendliest game of

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