Celebrity Spotlight: Gina Yashere 

Gina Yashere is probably one of the most intriguing,captivating personalities in the entertainment business today. Her winning personality and ability to make people laugh is especially important given today’s world situation. In short, she is everything we never knew we needed in life and more.

The British-Nigerian comedian,who fans recall seeing on Last Comic Standing in 2007, is he poster child of living the dream. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, she proved just that with her positive attitude and incredible personality.  

As many fans know, she is the brains behind the hit CBS series Bob Hearts to star in it. The project is something that she holds near and dear to her heart and something she loves working on. While she did not give away spoilers as to what we can expecting future episodes, but she says she takes it one step and day at a time. In addition,she is also continuing to work on her comedy and a book,which fans are guaranteed to love.

The best thing about Gina is her honesty and positivity. She has a tell it like it is personality and isn’t afraid to share her feelings on important issues. However, she is able to say what she feels in a respectful way and remain positive and fun, making her stand head and shoulders above others. She is a wonderful role model, not only to comedians, but to women in general. She is someone that makes me smile and think while using humor to make her points. Gina should be recognized for this and I thank her for all she does and continues to do for us.