Five Fun Facts About Denis Shepherd

Denis Shepherd is sweet, handsome, talented and on his way to becoming the next  George Clooney. He may be just beginning his career, but there is no doubt that he is here to stay. 

The Selfie alum is now in his first television series, Paradise Lost. He plays the role of Young Yates Forsythe with Josh Hartnett (as Older Yates) and Elaine Hendrix (Devoe). It is an incredible show that is putting Denis on the map. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Denis opened up about the show, life and everything in between. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Denis said that he show gets into Yates’s life and we are going to see a lot about how he became who he is, thanks to his wife delving into his psyche. He didn’t give too much away, but it promises to be a deep, intense storyline. 

2. He says a lot of the role was kept secret in the beginning. However, once he got cast and he learned more about the character, he was blown away. He is deep, dark and someone he was able to relate to in some ways.   

There is going to be some inner turmoil and emotion involved in the role, but you will need to tune in to see what it all means.

3. One of his favorite memories was filming on location because he got to experience the culture. He also loved the family vibe and compared it to being at a summer camp.  For him, it was a joy and an honor to work with everyone, especially Josh, who is someone he ended up bonding with both personally and professionally.

4. He is also working on some other shorts and other writing projects. He didn’t give too much away, but I can promise that you are going to love it! 

5. Denis is a twin! He has a twin sister who is one minute older than him and works as a speech therapist. His family is very important to him and loves them very deeply. In fact, his love for his family is one of the reasons why this role is so appealing to him and why he is able to relate so well. 

Keep checking back for more news on Denis.