Paintball Answers the Call During COVID-19

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Paintball Community Answers the Call During COVID-19 Blood Shortage

Lars Hindsley uses the moniker DangerMan on YouTube and on the paintball field(DL)— Paintball community Answers the Call During COVID-19 Blood Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has been contributing to the shortage experienced by blood banks across the nation. Lars Hindsley aka DangerMan organized the Paintball Cares event, partnering with America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross to help replace dwindling reserves. Players from all levels of paintball decided to do their part to help obtain these life-saving donations.

What is COVID-19 its Contribution to the Shortage?

COVID-19 (coronavirus), is an infectious virus that affects the respiratory system. It is especially deadly against the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. When you have a virus possessing the ability to transmit fast, it forces society to put strict precautions in place. Restrictions on travel, the number of people allowed in an establishment, safety precautions for workers, along with much more. 

These restrictions of social distancing have given the public the false impression blood banks are not open. Blood banks are open, but you may only donate by appointment. Ultimately the outbreak has caused donation centers to see fewer people who would otherwise be giving blood. With times being hard, a blood shortage is the last thing we need. The Paintball Cares Blood Drive event hopes to educate the public that even during the pandemic, you can still give blood.

Answering The Call

Players and community members have been rising to the occasion and being a #BallerForACause. Assisting in whatever applicable way they can, be it physical donations or just spreading the message of donation. From your average Joe’s to notable figures in paintball like Greg Hastings or Ronnie Dizon, everyone is coming together.
Being a sport that has so many different people, it has some of the most family-oriented, compassionate individuals. Times of need call on everyone available to do their part. As a member of the paintball family, you must support your brothers and sisters in this amazing cause.

How You Can Be A Hero

During the dates of April 20th-25th, Canadian ballers are joining the United States in making appointments to donate blood.

Donate Blood in the Paintball Cares Blood Drive

In the states, you can find a participating donation center near you with this tool here. For our brothers and sisters in Canada, there is a link better suited for you right here as well.  

In Conclusion

You should always take precautions for your family and yourself. Personal safety is first and foremost. If you are unable to get into a center to make your donation, spreading the word and raising awareness is just as helpful. The more people that see it, the more people that you have donating, the more lives you can save.

The event’s hashtags are: #paintballcares #donateblood



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