5 Facts About Coronavirus All Dog Owners Should Know

5 Facts About Coronavirus All Dog Owners Should Know

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has left the world pondering over its adverse effects. We all are busy calculating the impending threat to lives and livestock. Most of the research work done so far concerned SARS CoV-2’s impact on the humans only, leaving the closest friend of humankind i.e., our pets behind.

According to a statistical report, more than 98% of households consider their dogs as a respectable family member. Hence, the safety of their beloved canine family member becomes their urgent concern. Fortunately, there are no cases so far of the inter-transmission of the virus among dogs and humans. However, like following the guidelines for “flattening the curve” of the transmission between humans, we must also include some measures for our pet’s safety.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper information and official surveys concerning the pet-lives, we have several misguided reports circling. For instance, during the first hours of the pandemic outbreak in China, it was heard that pets such as our canine friends are immune to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, recent studies have proven that under rare circumstances, our friendly neighborhood pets such as Dogs could get affected too.

For resisting the scenarios mentioned above, you, as an aware dog owner must have some basic knowledge regarding the pandemic’s impact over the dogs. Hence, without further ado, take a run-through of some of the most valuable information every dog owner must know at this challenging hour:

1.  Dogs Cannot Spread Coronavirus

WHO, after watching the mass desertion of dogs in China, has clearly stated that there have been very few cases of COVID-19 transmission by the dog to their owners. No species of dogs so far have carried the deathly virus to another being while living with an infected owner. However, Vets advise maintaining the sanitation guidelines while handling your pets. Use sanitizers and disinfectants while approaching your pets for your beloved’s safety. You should maintain your pets’ immunity by using award-winning pet products for keeping them healthy and safe.

2.  Dogs can Get Coronavirus, but It’s Quite Rare.

So far, only two dogs in Hong Cong were found infected with the infernal virus. Their reports mentioned that the virus was of type II, i.e., Canine Coronavirus, an influenza-like disease with minimal symptoms. The subtype is incapable of being transmitted to the human cells, and hence, the owners are practically immune to it. Moreover, the virus has an extremely low possibility of catching your dogs, let alone, causing severe damage. A little care and cautious approach towards your dogs could save them from this subtype of the virus.

3.  Owners May Directly Transmit the Virus to Dogs

While the subtype of virus found among dogs cannot affect humans, the reverse of it can happen. Yes, the Corona Virus infecting humans are ‘trap and absorb’ pathogens known to convert any surface of contact into Fomites, the transmission point of the disease. Moreover, the zoo tonic nature of the virus is confirmed beforehand, alerting infected humans to cut off their contacts with their beloved pets. Still, the statistics of such transmission is quite low and have shown the scope for recovery. You should necessary ‘wash your hand and use sanitizers’ rule while petting your dogs like you do while touching other surfaces. In case you have children and seniors at home, try to keep your dogs, and the two of them separated while quarantining at home.

4.  Facemasks are Futile for Canine Animals

During the sudden outbreak of the pandemic and the chaos that ensued, several dog owners bought face masks for their dogs as well. However, veterinary experts have a different theory altogether. The doctors pointed out that dogs have little or no use of protective masks. These masks instead could cause severe breathing issues and suffocation to your healthy pet. You can put on these safety masks and gloves while petting the dogs but never do the same to your dogs. There are other practical measures, such as cleaning your dog’s belongings and surroundings, keeping him at a safe distance, or sanitizing his hooves and paws regularly. In case there is an infected person around, make sure that your dogs stay away from him like any other regular member of the family.

5.  No Canine Vaccines for Protection Against the Virus

The fatal Corona Virus has no vaccines developed for both dogs, as well as humans. But, the dogs having canine respiratory Coronavirus, i.e., type II does have a remedy in the form of an effective vaccine. Dogs, to survive influenza-like type 2 coronavirus diseases, are vaccinated beforehand. The vaccine can be easily accessed at any vet dispensary nearby.

Preventive Measures for Dogs during the Pandemic

  • Regulate or cut off your dog’s contact with other pets or animals.
  • Look after your pet personally, and in case you’re infected, assign the duty to a single individual instead of exposing your dog to every other member of the household.
  • Always cover your face, hair, hands while petting your dogs.
  • Consult an online veterinary service instead of going to the clinic.
  • Dogs are known to show anxiety and stress like humans. Hence, try to maintain your pet’s routine with only a few changes.

Know This:

The pandemic’s outbreak is breeding fear and intense doubts concerning both human and animal lives equally. But, the most suffering lot is the pet strata with no one to look after. The pandemic also saw the mass desertion of dogs across the globe on the pretext of baseless information. Don’t believe everything, trust the experts, and the guidelines provided to ensure the overall safety of both yours and your pet’s life. Make a note of all the preventive measures and continue taking good care of your dogs and other pets like an aware pet owner.


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