Five Wines to Cherish Quarantine Life with the Family

5 Wines to Cherish Quarantine Life with the Family

COVID 19 or the infamous coronavirus brought along various lifestyle changes. People are no longer trying to live but survive the ongoing pandemic. The first thing that happened soon after the virus became widespread is the initialization of total lockdown in various countries for the purposes of self-quarantine. The whole process seems hectic and unbearable, whether you are an extrovert or not. But the good thing is that with a crisp and tasty bottle of wine by your side, you can weather through the storm.

For that to work efficiently, you need to select some of the best and affordable wines. If at all, you are yet to grasp the art of wine selections, worry not. That is because the list below contains five top wines that you will find to be excellent during this quarantine period. All you have to do is make your best pick and sip away the boredom.


1.   The Australian 2017 Merlot Cimarosa

Merlot is an incredibly tasty wine that most people consider well rounded and crisp. It is the kind of vino that can easily make your day by quenching your wine cravings. That is the reason why you need to have the 2017 Cimarosa bottle in your cabinet. Its tasty flavor is fantastic and very satisfying, and that may make you question its price. What is also captivating is the fact that it comes with a smooth texture compared to many wines in its price range.

The minute you purchase the 2017 Cimarosa, you should be ready for the beautiful aroma which splashes out as soon as you open the bottle. Its palate is terrific with a variety of flavors such as chocolate and cinnamon with an incredible oak finish. It is also less acidic due to the few amounts of tannins it contains. That makes it one of the best wines for quarantine more so if you love red wines.

2.   2018 Chloe Rose

If you want something pleasing with refreshing flavors, then you should go for the 2018 Chloe Rose variant. This is a perfect addition to your collection of wines, especially if you are after getting your Andre Champagne, a companion with similar color and slightly identical taste. Its branding is bold with a nice bow inclusion on the label. It is the kind of wine that will see you have fun during the quarantine.

When it comes to the flavor profile, Chloe Rose is undeniably an excellent wine. The bottle features fruity flavors that blend to give it a great taste. On the tongue, it unleashes strawberries and watermelon flavors. It also has a raspberry taste, and that is why you will love the bottle. Everything seems to balance well, therefore, giving the wine an upper hand when it comes to perfection. After a gulp, you will conclude that the dry wine is an elegant bottle.

3.   California’s Fresh Dreaming Tree Wine

The 2015 gold medal winner for the prestigious Los Angeles wine competition is an incredible blend of a variety of fruits. Dreaming Tree is not your average wine despite its average price range. The vino comes in an elegant bottle and a brilliant label that gives it the respect it deserves. What is more astounding about the wine is the fantastic floral notes and its moderate alcohol level of 13.5%. In addition to that, Dreaming Tree has low acidity and, therefore, a suitable drink for a red wine enthusiast.

To your surprise, Dreaming Tree merges a variety of fruity palates to give out a uniform and enjoyable flavor. On the tongue, you will experience the jammy feel of grapefruit. You will also taste the crisp notes of pineapple, which gives it the moderate sweetness. It is the type of wine you get to enjoy with sandwiches and barbecue while you wait out the quarantine.

4.   The 2016 Malbec Francois Dubessey

Meet yet another bottle of wine that guarantees an incredible time while in quarantine. The bottle comes with a mid range price that will see you spend less to get more in terms of taste, feel, and flavor. The blend comes with a bold feel and, therefore, expect a little bit of texture paired with moderate acidity. You will also find the labeling to be thrilling due to its creativity and simplicity, and that alone can suggest that the wine is excellent.

Flavor-wise, Francois Dubessey gives out one of the best tastes that comprises blackcurrant, almond, and blueberry. It also gives out a slight hint of cherry and black fruit. Being a Malbec, be ready for flavor notes like oak and vanilla with a tobacco finish. All those characteristics added to its dryness makes it an incredible wine choice for quarantine. You should also be ready to feel the slight spiciness it possesses.

5.   Brut Cuvee Ferghettina Franciacorta

Wine lovers who are up for something classy and flavorful should consider including Ferghettina Franciacorta in their list of wines to keep around during quarantine. The Brut Cuvee comes in an elegant greenish bottle and a fancy label. The wine is sparkly with what someone could call a fancy cool vibe. That is because of its sweet flavors and enticing scents. On the nose, Ferghettina Franciacorta displays scents of stone fruit, wildflower, and a tinge of chamomile.

The flavor profile is, however, what will stun you, given that it is a creative blend of sweet fruits. The wine also features hazelnut and apple flavors. It is the kind of wine you pull out when having dishes like grilled fish or fried squid, among many other types of seafood. It, however, comes with a slightly higher price tag of more than $30, but the taste is worth it.

Making your life amazing is only a sip away. With any of the mentioned bottles of wines, you will find yourself enjoying quarantine. That is because they give you the amazing flavor you wish for and the scent you want for you to feel great. While some are smooth, others deliver an incredible texture making them worth having around.



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