40 by 40 With Sammi: Recipes 17 and 18

Two more recipes are completed! I actually did these about a week ago, but life got in the way, so it was difficult to find time to post! I also combined these two since they were made on the same day.

Recipe 17: Mile High Omelet:

This was an omelet with 4 eggs, cheddar cheese, chives and the Billionaire’s Bacon. It is very simple to make: just whisk the eggs with 2 tbs of water, salt and pepper to taste and add to a buttered nonstick skillet. As eggs set, move edges towards the middle, letting uncooked egg flow toward the edges until set. Add cheese, chives and  bacon to the middle, fold and serve.

I loved this! Not only was it fairly simple to make (and I didn’t burn the bacon this time!), but the sweet and savory flavors gave it a nice kick.

I also fried the bacon this time rather than bake it in the oven to give the eggs a little extra pizazz.


Recipe 18: Last Meal Shrimp Alfredo

This recipe calls for pasta, lemon, 4 tbs of butter, 4 smashed garlic cloves, 1 lb of shrimp,  1 3/4 cups of heavy cream, 1 cup Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.

Cook pasta in salted water. While the pasta is cooking, zest the lemon and set aside. Slice the lemon and remove seeds, adding to a skillet with melted butter. On medium high heat, cook with garlic for five minutes.

Add shrimp and cook for 2-3 minutes until firm.

Remove shrimp and add to a plate and discard lemon and garlic. Leave remaining butter and juices and set stove to low heat. Add cream and salt (to taste) and simmer until reduced.

Add cheese, lemon zest and shrimp and mix until blended. Mix with pasta and serve.

This one was also delicious, but the sauce was a bit too thin. I think next time I will add more cheese to make it a bit thicker.

More coming soon, stay tuned.