A Look At Pop Culture’s Most Famous Pirates

(PCM) Every September 19th it is time to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day. In honor of this parody holiday, we wanted to take a moment to honor some of pop culture’s most famous pirates and “Arrrrr..matey…perhaps you will get a bit of the ol’ inspiration!

1. Captain Hook


Captain Hook was the villain character created by author J.M. Barrie’s book “Peter Pan” in 1904. He was the captain of the Jolly Roger brig and lord of the pirate village in Neverland. He is rumored to be feared by all and is the main nemesis for Peter Pan. He was said to be the only man that Long John Silver ever feared, however he had two very odd personal fears which were the sight of his own blood and one very special crocodile.

2. Long John Silver


Another famous fictional pirate is Long John Silver. He was the main antagonist in the Robert Lewis Stevenson book “Treasure Island” released in 1883 and his name is still widely recognized today. The seafood fast-food restaurant “Long John Silvers” still uses his name to sell their delicious seafood treats.

3. One-Eyed Willy


Who doesn’t love the eighties cult film “The Goonies”. If you are a fan of the film that you will surely understand why it was necessary to include One-Eyed Willy on our list!  He is the number one driving force behind Mikey and the gang’s hunt to find the treasure and escape the evil Fratelli’s.

4. Jean LaFoote


Paying homage to real life pirate Jean LaFitte, LaFoote is the barefoot pirate that is constantly on the quest to steal cereal from our beloved Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch a.k.a Cap’n Crunch.

5. Blackbeard


Anytime someone mentions pirate lore the name Blackbeard is sure to come to mind almost immediately. Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach and he lived and pillaged as a pirate in the 18th century. There have been countless references to Blackbeard made throughout history and he has also definitely left his stamp on the world of pop culture throughout the years.

6. Dead Pirate Roberts


Fans of the classic 1987 film “The Princess Bride” will be thrilled that Dead Pirate Roberts was an easy choice for our list. For those of you that have never seen the film, we hate to give it away, but Dead Pirate Roberts was actually the nom de guerre of Princess Buttercup’s true love, Westley.

7. Captain Jack Sparrow


Pirate Captain of the Black Pearl in the infamous Disney “Pirates Of The Caribbean” films, Captain Jack Sparrow is an off-beat and unorthodox pirate character, but he is just so darn likable.

8. Captain Morgan


Long before the image that we know of Captain Morgan on rum bottles around the world Sir Henry Morgan was a legendary Welsh privateer and a Pirate Lord of the Brethren Court. During the late 1680s, through unknown circumstances, he retreated to a secret hideout where he began to study alchemy, eventually discovering the secret of immortality and becoming known as the Shadow Lord.

9. Black Bart


Bartholomew Roberts, better known as Black Bart, was forced into piracy, having once been an officer on board a ship that was captured by the pirate Howell Davis. After taking over, his navigational skills, charisma, and bravado painted him golden the eyes of his men. He plundered over 400 ships, a grandiose record to be sure, and captained well-armored ships in every endeavor.

10. Anne Bonny


We couldn’t complete this list without including at least one female pirate! This story of Anne Bonny is quite an interesting tale. She fell in love and married a poor sailor by the name of John Bonny. However, not long after she became disappointed with her husbands lack of valor and began to prefer the company of many other men around Nassau. Among these men, was “Calico Jack” Rackham, captain of a pirate ship. She joined his crew while acting and dressing like a man (including drinking and fighting profusely), she then fought under his command, and along with fellow female pirate Mary Read, she coaxed the crew onto even greater bloodshed and violence and became a formidable pirate herself.

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