Time To Get Your Butt In Gear And Celebrate National Kick Butt Day!


(PCM) There is nothing wrong with a little positive motivation, so of course there is no better day to give yourself a swift kick in the rear and get into gear than on National Kick Butt Day which is celebrated on the second Monday in October! It is not a day of remembrance, but instead a day of action.

We urge everyone to take a look at some of the dreams, wishes and goals that you’ve set for yourselves and if they have yet to be accomplished today is the day to take action. National Kick Butt Day is a day in which to look at those goals and begin to face them head-on and truly begin to kick-butt in life! Now is the time to stop putting things off and kick them into high gear.

This isn’t a holiday for procrastinators, but rather for motivators. Perhaps you wanted to starting exercising or eating healthy? Maybe you wanted to start a savings account or look for a better job, it is never too late and National Kick Butt Day is the perfect day to get started no matter what you wish to accomplish. The sky is truly the limit!

National Kick Butt Day is not to be confused with the annual event “Kick Butts Day” which urges individuals to quit smoking cigarettes, however it is a day to showcase personal improvements!


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