Are You Ready For Your Fitness Routine in 2021?

How to Keep up With Your Fitness Routine in 2021

Making resolutions is easy. The real work starts in February when burpees stop being fun and you remember how tasty donuts are in the morning. Mmm… donuts. 

As gyms swiftly lose their New Year’s Day members, you may find yourself losing motivation. Resist the temptation to swap dumbbells for downtime—this year, you’re getting in shape and staying there.  

Read on for tips on how to keep up with your fitness routine in 2021!

Keep An Exercise Journal

Solidify those positive feelings of accomplishment by keeping an exercise journal. Recording weekly workouts is a great way to see which muscle groups you’re targeting, the amount of calories you’ve burned, and how much time you’re getting active per day. 

Depending on your personal preferences, you can keep track of these accomplishments in a variety of unique ways:

  • Write in a traditional paper journal
  • Use an exercise app
  • Vlog your fitness journey and post to sites like YouTube

Add Variety to Your Fitness Routine

Don’t let your fitness schedule fall flat by doing the same sit-ups and squats every single day. Incorporating variety to your workouts is a great way to stay motivated and break up the monotony of a routine.

If you want to add a little spice to your reps and steps, try throwing some of these unique exercises into the mix:

  • Fire hydrants – Channel your puppy energy by lifting up your legs and working out those hip flexors. This is a great workout for those who want a toned booty and beautiful curves.
  • Jump rope – Put those rhymes from your schoolyard days to good use by getting a sweat on with some jump rope exercises. Jumping rope is a fun twist on traditional cardio that will beat those daily-jogging blues. You can burn up to 300 calories during a 15-minute jump rope routine, depending on your body weight. 
  • Dance – Celebrate this newfound dedication to fitness by busting a move for your next workout session! Dancing is a fun, calorie-burning exercise that can be done just about anywhere (if you’re brave enough). 

Understand the Importance of Rest Days

Proper recovery time is key to working on physical fitness. When you’re on a roll with daily workouts, it can be tempting to ignore your body’s needs for rest—but this is a mistake people make all too often.

When you don’t schedule rest days into your fitness routine, you run the risk of:

  • Muscle inflammation
  • Joint damage
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Irreversible injury

Try to schedule at least two or three rest days per week (or more, depending on how you feel). A good rule of thumb is: if the muscle is sore, give it a break. Of course, everyone’s body is different, so finding what works for you is key to reaching your fitness goals. 

If you’re looking to speed up your recovery process, so you can hit the gym again sooner, pain-relieving supplements may do the trick. Safe, natural CBD vape pens are the perfect remedy for post-workout muscle soreness due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in cannabidiol.

Enjoy Your Workouts in The Great Outdoors

On a beautiful day, the last thing you want is to be cooped up in the house or your local gym. If you want to keep up with your fitness routine without missing out on the world around you, try working out in a new environment.

This may include:

  • Jogging on the beach
  • Hiking a new trail
  • Seeing new heights on a mountain climbing adventure
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Paddleboarding on a lake

Sticking to your wellness goals doesn’t have to be boring. By combining exercise and sightseeing, you can get fit while feasting your eyes on new places.  

Make 2021 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Don’t let another year pass by without the rocking abs and toned glutes you’ve always wanted (or whatever your fitness goals may be). 

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution is possible, but only if you’re prepared. With these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t start this journey years ago. Run that extra mile, finish that last rep, and start feeling better today!

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