Kevin Smith’s “Clerk’s 3” Trailer Has Finally Arrived

Kevin Smith is back with his highly anticipated movie ‘Clerk’s 3’. The official trailer dropped earlier today to the delight of many fans. The New Jersey director turned his roots working in a convenience store into a feature film called ‘Clerks’ all the way back in early 90s. The film became a cult hit over time, and has imbedded Smith into pop cultures sub conscious ever since.

Jay, Silent Bob, Dante and Randal are all back. After watching the trailer it looks like the film will revolve around Randal having a heart attack, and deciding to make a film about his life working at the Quick Stop. The movie looks fun, and was deeply inspired by the fact that Smith had a near fatal heart attack a few years back.

Lionsgate and Fathom Events will bring the sequel to the indie film cult classic to theaters for two nights only, on Sept. 13 and 15. And Smith will take “Clerk’s 3” on the road just like he did for “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”. More dates for the tour will be announced during San Diego Comic Con. You can find the announced dates and tickets here.

Check out the trailer below:


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