Peace, Harmony, Love, Joy… and Water

The Peaceful flow of natural water

Being a water sign, I am forever attracted to bodies of water.

I like to allow my body, mind, and spirit to flow intuitively through life’s changes.

For the next few days, try to go near some water, such as the ocean, the sea, a lake, a river… anything that you can find that is not man-made.

The element of water is the most fluid of all the elements. It is associated with emotions, the subconscious, love, as well as intuition, and creativity.

Be aware that life is in constant flow, forever changing.

Do not hold onto past emotions, relationships, objects, or situations that prevent you from moving with the natural flow of your own life.

Invite into your inner heart in life only people and experiences that make you feel happy and give you pleasure.

If you tend to isolate yourself too much, now is the time to gradually start spending more time with people you feel comfortable with.

If you are very emotional, this could remind you to be gentle and understanding with yourself.

Recognize what brings out your emotions and move away from that which brings out negative emotions and bitterness in you.  Never give your power to that.  Don’t lose yourself in this negative, stagnant, murky water and allow yourself to flow towards love and happiness much like a bubbling fresh brook or life-giving ocean!

Live in peace and harmony, with joy and love.  It can be found even in difficulties.