Julianne McElroy Offers Innovative Health Tips and Wellness Mentorship

Julianne McElroy, an Executive Coaching Entrepreneur, Empowers Clients and Customers with Innovative Health Tips and Wellness Mentorship


Julianne McElroy is a wellness expert, a certified human behavior expert, a leadership coach, and a life coaching entrepreneur.

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After suffering the loss of her spouse in 2012, Julianne McElroy decided to found a company that was dedicated to helping people who have gone through similar experiences and pain. Julianne implemented her innovative proprietary path and life coaching into her MO, offering her clients all-encompassing solutions while providing a boon to overall well-being.

Julianne is a single mother of four, a certified human behaviorist, an executive coach, and a provider of premium executive consulting services. She took the best from entrepreneurial and wellness worlds and blended them, teaching, empowering, and helping her clients and customers overcome both mental and technical obstacles in everyday life.

When asked about her venture into the entrepreneurial world, McElroy imparted:
“When I was a teacher before I had children, I never dreamed I would be doing the things I am doing right now! As an educator and certified human behaviorist, I soon began working with a psychological practice, helping students and parents with life skills. For sixteen years, I coached other parents’ journeys to raise and homeschool their children.”

Julianne McElroy’s Wellness Coaching has helped numerous individuals, parents, and brands improve their living environment and establish a healthy, welcoming safe space of understanding and compassion. As McElroy states, “I strive to show you how to use your time to focus on clearing your mind from detrimental worries and concerns to better focus on a healthier, happier, and more productive you.”

McElroy utilizes numerous exquisite therapy techniques, tools, and practices to help her clients improve their physical and mental well-being, including frequency sessions, bio-specific tinctures, wellness-promoting equipment, supplements, and Aroma Freedom Technique, Traumatic Memory Release, and essential oils.

As a certified AFT practitioner, McElroy is both experienced and proficient in tapping into the deeply buried sources of trauma in her clients, helping them release it, mend their emotional scars, and ultimately move on to a better, improved life.

When asked about her initial steps into the world of entrepreneurs, McElroy stated:
“I founded my own company, Lifespring, in 2015. I reached a number of people who sought me out for qualified information about wellness principles as word got out of my studies and mentorship. It motivated me to become a certified coach and educate people to my proprietary path for health and wellbeing. Shortly thereafter, I amassed a network of professionals to work alongside me to coach executives and business owners, as it was my heart to help them be healthy and alleviate the stressors through which I saw my husband suffer.”

McElroy’s experience in the world of technology has helped her improve and optimize her company, allowing her to reach, help, and empower more people while still catering to the needs of her loyal customers and clients. More information about Julianne McElroy can be found on her official website.


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