Holiday Gift Guide Christmas 2022 — Toys for the Entire Family to take Us Into New Year 2023

When you are looking for just the right toy this holiday season – Christmas or Hanukkah — there are many choices to pick from, yet there are a few standouts at various price points for you to keep in mind. Let’s help Santa and his Elves and take a look at several of them that will delight your son or daughter’s heart and keep them entertained for hours at a time.

No two kids are the same—so it’s impossible for just one toy to stand out as the hottest toy of the season. But here is a taste of several favorites at various price ranges that the entire family can enjoy this holiday season and into the New Year.

Read on for some top toys for children and teens that the whole family will enjoy!

Disney Junior Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Alice Doll & Magical Oven Set is the perfect gift for a young girl. This adorable toy made it to the Toy Insider’s HOT 20 list. Check out others here, that are sure to top the wish list of kids for the holidays and birthdays. There is something for children of all ages. This 10-inch Alice doll comes with a magical oven inspired by Alice’s Wonderland Bakery. Kids can press the Wonder Whirl button to watch the cakes magically spin, hear sound effects and Alice’s phrases, and more. Ages 3+. MSRP. $39.99. From Just Play, Now the only thing left is to make sure you make it to the nice list!

Mega Chomp Remote Control Shark — Look out! Beware of shark-infested floors! Mega Chomp is the mega-sized great white shark you control on land. A swishing tail and half-submerged body turn any floor into shark-infested waters. Its teeth continuously chomp as you chase and attack anything in its path. Ages 5+. MSRP. $39.99.

Care Bears Care-A-Lot 40th Anniversary Plush — the perfect toy to enjoy and snuggle with at the same time. The Care Bears are celebrating 40 years of “sharing and caring” and the message truly resonates with us during the holidays, Upcoming New Year, and other happenings in our chaotic lives. The very first Care-a-lot-Bear has been crafted to celebrate this milestone. This is a super soft multicolored plush with a unique silver shimmer and a shimmery badge with the 40th logo and a certificate of authenticity. Ages 4+. MSRP $19.99. From


The original Slinky — Generations of children and adults have loved. This classic metal spring toy walks downstairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slink-it sound. Since its debut, over 300 million Slinkys have been sold worldwide. In 2000, this classic toy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. For over 75 years, Slinky has continued to be a favorite toy of children and adults all over the world. Slinky is fun for any child and makes an ideal gift, stocking stuffer, prize, or present for the holidays., birthdays, or more. From Just Play, Ages 5+. SRP $3.99


Sky Viper Hover Drone – Sky Viper Force Gesture-controlled Drone. This is a drone you can enjoy- without using a remote control! With motion sensors all over the drone, it can sense its surrounding. Once charged, toss the drone into the air for it to power on – it will hover in the air! With the movement of your hands towards the drone, you can push the drone to go in a certain direction or slow down to a stop. Start with your hand over the drone and move it around until your hand is below the drone for a neat trick! A whole new way to fly a drone! Ages 12+. MSRP. $22.99. Your tween or teen will love this and it will provide fun for the entire family.

Crystalina Fairy Dolls combines the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights and includes Turquoise (Healing), Rose Quartz(Love), Amethyst(Wisdom), and Aventurine(Luck). A kid-wearable crystal-shaped amulet passesc colorful “crystal powers” in the form of LED light patterns back and forth between the doll and the amulet. The 4” dolls come in a variety of skin tones to reflect diversity. Collect them all to unlock to create a dazzling display of lights and patterns! Manufacturer: Skyrocket, Ages 4+, MSRP $5-$13.

Seriously Super-Sized Giant Food Plush – Chicken Drumstick. They feature realistic details and if you prefer another food item there are also Sushi and a Cheeseburger. Each is sold separately. This whimsical plush gift for ages 3+ from Just Play will delight younger and older kids alike. It is made with super soft fabrics and is not for consumption, just hours of play. This is an extra-large takeout bucket and is made from super-soft fabric.  Ages 3+ MSRP. $26.00.

Doorables Let’s Go Multi Peek –Behind every door, a global surprise is in store with Disney Doorables Let’s Go! Around the World Multi Peek. Open the Airplane to discover an exciting destination–camping, tropical, international, amusement, or snow getaways–with a unique collection of 5, 6, or 7 stylized 1.5- inch figures and collector cards. 5+. MSRP. $12.99.