What Are You Doing? What Are You Contributing?

Wake Up And Look Around Again!

There has been somewhat of a pause placed in many of our lives.  Instead of shrinking and contracting, this is a great time to take inventory as we are adapting to ever-changing socio-political climates.

Personal Inventory Checklist:

1) What is good in my life?

2) What should I release to make room for the new things that need to come in?

3) How can I enjoy what I have and where I am?

4) Who contributes to my growth and expansion?

5) Who do I need to release to make room for that growth and expansion?

6) How do I contribute to this world?

7) To whom should I contribute?

80  Where do I need to take back my energy and not contribute any longer?

9) Do I see the love in this world and others?  Look right through them and see them.

These are good times, and while they make seem rocky, we need to EXPECT the good in them and throughout this process and on the other side.

Hang tight!  As much as I wanted to shut all social media down these last few years, I will continue to contribute locally, live and in person, and virtually to encourage each person who takes a moment to read this.  Especially caregivers and widows, and orphans.

Know this, you are loved, and I love you.

I’m writing with great expectations for us all!