January 15 in History

January 15 in Pop Culture History

January 15th is…
American Eskimo Dog Day
Bagel Day
Booch Day
Fresh Squeezed Juice Day
Hat Day
Strawberry Ice Cream Day
  • It’s National Hat Day because in 1797, the 1st top hat was worn, by John Etherington in London.
  • There are 350 days left until next year. (unless it is 2024 or 2028)

1759 – The British Museum in Bloomsbury, London, the world’s oldest public national museum, opened to the public.

1861 – Elisha Otis patented the Steam elevator.

1863 – Wood pulp paper was first used in the US for a printed newspaper by the Boston Morning Herald of Boston.

1870 – The Donkey was 1st used as the symbol of the Democratic Party, in Harper’s Weekly, drawn by Thomas Nast.

1889 – The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, was incorporated in Atlanta.

1895 – Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake” premiered in St. Petersburg.

1919 – The Boston Molasses Disaster – a huge vat of molasses broke open at the Purity Distilling Company and flooded a Boston neighborhood. 21 were killed.

1936 – The first building to be completely covered in glass, two stories built for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, was completed in Toledo, Ohio.

1951 – The US Supreme Court ruled that “clear and present danger” of incitement to riot is not protected speech and can cause arrest.

1955 – The Benny Hill Show debuted on the BBC

1967 – The inaugural Super Bowl was simulcast on CBS and NBC. The National Football League (NFL) champion Green Bay Packers defeated the American Football League (AFL) champion Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 35–10.

1967 – The Rolling Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and did not sing “Let’s Spend Some time Together” as planned.

1969 – The first docking of two manned spacecraft occurred between the Soviet Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5.

1972 – #1 Hit January 15, 1972 – February 11, 1972: Don McLean – American Pie

1974 – Happy Days debuted on ABC.

1975 – Space Mountain opened at Disney World (Florida)

1977 – #1 Hit January 15, 1977 – January 21, 1977: Leo Sayer – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

1977 – The Coneheads debuted on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Also, Bill Murray joined the cast of SNL, replacing Chevy Chase

1978 – Superbowl XII aired on CBS, the first night-time Superbowl

1981 – Hill Street Blues premiered on NBC.

1983 – #1 Hit January 15, 1983 – February 4, 1983: Men at Work – Down Under

1983 – Thom Syles kept a lifesaver intact in his mouth for over 7 hours.

1988 – Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder made a racist remark about black athletes – He said that the black athlete was “bred to be the better athlete because this goes all the way to the Civil War when … the slave owner would breed his big woman so that he would have a big black kid.”

1993 – Body of Evidence, Alive, Man Bites Dog and Nowhere to Run were released in theaters.

1999 – Varsity Blues, At First Sight, Virus and In Dreams were released in theaters.

2000 – #1 Hit January 15, 2000 – January 28, 2000: Christina Aguilera – What a Girl Wants

2001 – Bob The Builder premiered on Nick Jr.

2001- Wikipedia debuted online.

2009 – US Airways flight 1549 landed safely in the Hudson River, NY, thanks to Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.

2010 – The Book of Eli & The Spy Next Door debuted in theaters.

#1 Hit January 15, 2022 – February 4, 2022: Easy on MeAdele