Apple TV February News

Apple TV February 2023 releases features Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in Shrinking.

Pop Culture Press presents news and release dates for Apple TV streaming service for February 2023.

MLB Returns

It hasn’t been completely confirmed, but reports indicate that Major League Baseball will return to Apple TV, but with some changes. It will air on Friday nights with a new broadcast crew. There won’t be any more doubleheaders and will begin broadcasts at 7:00 pm eastern. 

Shrinking Gets Bigger

The streaming market is valued at 30 billion a year and is expected to top 330 billion by 2030.  Apple has long wanted a larger bite of its proverbial self. The key has continued to be content. With no unique IP like Star Wars, Marvel, or Lord of the Rings, Apple has been quietly taking the Netflix approach to building original series content.  They may have their first showcase feature with Shrinking. There’s no doubt the curiosity factor along with his name, Harrison Ford has helped Apple TV gain traction among streaming services.

Shrinking stars Jason Segel and Harrison Ford on Apple TV
Shrinking stars Jason Segel and Harrison Ford on Apple TV

The series launched in late January of 2023 and has quickly made its mark with viewership as its #1 show by the service. It may not even have a fan Reddit in the top 100, nor the top 100 of Twitter mentions Shrinking enjoys good character dynamics, likable leads, and of course, Harrison Ford. It finished January in third place among streaming shows according to JustWatch with The Last of Us in 1st place, Poker Face in 2nd place, and Shrinking in a respectable 3rd.