The Tracy’s A Soviet Mistakes-An Unconventional Valentine’s Day Tune

Humorous pop-punk band The Tracy’s are back with a late 90s video tape-inspired music video and a ridiculously fun track to back it. “A Soviet Mistake” implements instrumentations from the likes of Blink-182 and the lyrics of a Weezer song, culminating in a wildly entertaining music video/song combo. 

Telling the true story of Russian spy Marina Butina who infiltrated the NRA in 2018 with her complete love and dedication to firearms, “A Soviet Mistake” plays on the bleak nostalgia of both the cold war and shaky handy cams, combining these crucial elements to encapsulate a pure 80s-90s vibe. 

The video was co-directed by lead singer Dave Klym and drummer Matt Ernst who has some directing experience under his belt. Ernst also edited the video. The music was also written by Ernst and Klym, along with Mike Abiuso, a frequent collaborator with the group. 

A decent amount of research went into the production of the track since the concept is roughly based on true events. Klym had this to say in regard to the fascinating story of Marina Butina:

“I thought well, she’s pretty and a gun nut so it probably wouldn’t have been too hard to do. It makes for perfect fodder for a Ramones style love song from the point of view of the loser who fell for her and let her in and would stupidly do anything for her. I picture a sad dude in his mother’s dark basement on his computer. Anyway, she was caught, jailed, and kicked out of the country… no more Chipotle for her! Suka!” 

The video takes place in this “loser ex-boyfriend’s” basement as he pathetically mourns the loss of his spy girlfriend with on-screen lyrics to add to the campiness. The video also features footage of the band performing and singing together in the recording studio.

The various chipotle bags in the video only add to the hilarity of the “now she’s never gonna have Chipotle” line, not to mention the mispronouncing of the popular restaurant proving once again that alongside their quintessential pop-punk sounds, the real appeal of The Tracy’s is their humor and the ability to have a really good time.