Fruit is Your Friend! -Yellow Dragonfruit

Fruit is Your Friend! -Yellow Dragonfruit

1) Yellow dragonfruit is practically available year-round. There are low and high seasons, but this plant is capable of flowering continuously in the tropics where it thrives the most.

2) This fruit is one of the most powerful fruits for digestion. It’s actually one of the few fruits we don’t recommend eating more than one or two at once

because it will really make you have to go if you eat too many. This fruit can be a life saver for people struggling with constipation or slow digestion.

3) Probably everyone’s favorite thing about yellow dragonfruit is that it is surprisingly sweet. Most dragonfruit varieties have a very mild flavor and sweetness but this variety in particular is bursting with both. It’s also super juicy, making it an extremely enjoyable eating experience.

4) They are ready to eat as soon as they’re picked and last a long time once picked. You can even prolong their shelf life by keeping them in the fridge or freeze them and unthaw for a delicious sorbet treat.