March 28 in History

March 28 in Pop Culture History

March 28th is…
Black Forest Cake Day
Children’s Picture Book Day
Hot Tub Day
Respect Your Cat Day
Something on a Stick Day
National Triglycerides Day
Weed Appreciation Day

1783 (Earthquake) Calabria, Italy

1920 – Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford married; it was the first high-profile celebrity wedding.

1949 – Fred Hoyle coined the term “Big Bang” in a radio interview.

1960 – Stanley Kramer was the first to get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

1964 (Earthquake) Alaska – the 8.4 on the Richter scale quake killed 125 people.

1979 – Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster happened when a pressure valve in the Unit-2 reactor at Three Mile Island failed to close. The China Syndrome, a movie about a nuclear meltdown caused by a faulty sensor reading and a stuck-open pressure release valve, was released only 12 days before the 3 Mile Island Meltdown, caused by a faulty sensor reading and a stuck open pressure release valve.

1981 – #1 Hit March 28, 1981 – April 10, 1981: Blondie – Rapture

1990 – President George H. W. Bush posthumously awarded Olympic athlete Jesse Owens the Congressional Gold Medal.

2005 (Earthquake) Northern Sumatra, Indonesia