April 27 in History

April 27 in Pop Culture History

April 27th is…
National Gummi Bear Day
Babe Ruth Day
International Design Day (IDD)
Devil Dog Day
Love Your Thighs Day
Marine Mammal Rescue Day
Morse Code Day
Prime Rib Day
Tapir Day
Teach Your Children To Save Day
Tell a Story Day

4977 BC – The Universe was created, according to Johannes Kepler.

1667 – Blind writer John Milton sold his copyright to Paradise Lost for 10 pounds. He needed the money because he was penniless at the time.

1865 – SS Sultana explosion, Mississippi River, near Memphis, Tennessee, killing 1800 people.

1871 -The American Museum of Natural History opened in New York City.

1887 – George Thomas Morton performed the first US operation to remove an appendix, called an appendectomy.

1936 – The United Auto Workers (UAW) gained autonomy from the American Federation of Labor.

1956 – Rocky Marciano retired as world heavyweight boxing champion.

1963 – #1 Hit April 27, 1963 – May 17, 1963: Little Peggy March – I Will Follow Him

1967 – Expo 67 officially opened in Montreal, Canada

1970 – The discovery of Hahnium (Ha), element 105, or Dubnium (Db) was announced at the American Physical Society meeting in Washington, DC. Albert Ghiorso did the work at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, California.

1990 – Spaced Invaders and Wild Orchid were released in theaters.

#1 Hit April 27, 1991 – May 10, 1991: Amy Grant – Baby Baby

1992 – Betty Boothroyd became the first woman to be elected Speaker of the British House of Commons in its 700-year history.

1995 – Village of the Damned and Top Dog debuted in theaters.

2002 – The last successful telemetry from the NASA space probe Pioneer 10, was launched in 1972.

#1 Hit April 27, 2013 – May 17, 2013: Pink featuring Nate Ruess – Give Me a Reason

2014 – Popes John XXIII and John Paul II were declared saints by the Catholic Church.