Emmrose Explores the Horror of Panic Attacks and Importance of Mental Health Support With “Falling Again”

Review of “Falling Again” by Emmrose 


Anxiety is a feeling many are familiar with and yet it can be so hard to describe and illustrate. New York-based singer Emmrose has given words to this potent feeling with her new single “Falling Again” which was written during a panic attack. 

“I wrote Falling Again in the middle of a panic attack, which looking back, probably wasn’t a good idea. The lyrics were my literal symptoms. I remember sitting down at the piano, playing a few random chords, and a melody popped in my head.” Emmrose comments.  

Emmrose is no stranger to writing songs during pivotal, emotional moments, usually deriving her lyrical material from romantic endeavors, friend drama, and other precipices in life she finds herself at, making her music incredibly relatable to all sorts of audiences. 

The singer is set to release her first full-length album later this year and though “Falling Again” will not be on the track list, the haunting melodies and honest lyrics are certainly a taste of what’s to come.

Emmrose has always fixated on the whimsical and fantastical with almost cottage-core aesthetics and dazzling lighting. With “Falling Again” conveying a darker tone, the singer is seen aligning herself alongside a staircase with cool-toned lights in the track’s cover art. 

With echoey whispers shadowing the vocals, we can almost feel the breathlessness faced in the midst of the singer’s visceral attack something she herself comments on when writing the song, 

“This is really so dark to talk about, but I remember only managing to hum the melody, I had such a hard time breathing.”

The synth shakiness also carries an unnerving aura over the song, contrasting with the classicalness of Emmrose’s easy to get lost in voice. 

Lyrics like “I’m lying awake. I can’t move, I can’t sleep” reminds listeners that the effects of panic attacks linger and can be felt long after the initial upset, something that not many songs centered around the topic discussed.

Emmrose is extremely adamant about the importance of mental health and though this is her first song that explicitly discusses her relationship with anxiety, she encourages listeners to speak about their own struggles.

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