Joey Diaz And Erica Florentine Have A New Book Coming Out And It’s Pretty “Tremendous”

I first saw Joey Diaz on the Joe Rogan Podcast years ago. There was something about his voice and something about how he told a story that made me want to follow him and learn more, and I’m glad I did. I became an instant fan of Joey’s and was thrilled to learn that he had a podcast of his own called at the time “The Church of What’s Happening Now” which he hosted with his friend Lee Syatt.

“The Church” came to an end around the beginning of Covid. Joey and Lee who lived in Los Angeles at the time both moved. Lee headed to Milwaukee, and Joey moved back to his home state of New Jersey. “The Church” had a good run with many memorable episodes that are still up on YouTube, and if you want a good laugh look them up. Joey started a new podcast called “The Joint” and Lee is a guest on the podcast. Lee is still doing podcasts and stand up comedy and you can find everything LEE right here

Being back home in New Jersey, Joey Diaz who has been a stand up comic for close to thirty years had time to reflect. He has said on numerous occasions that he wanted to tell his tale on paper. And he found a perfect writing partner in Erica Florentine. Erica is an author/ghost writer, and you can check her out here

I’m really looking forward to reading the book which drops May 2nd. Joey has had a “tremendous” life and I look forward to what the future hold’s. You can get the book at this link

Check out “The Joint” which comes out weekly. Below Erica and Joey talk about how they partnered up to bring “Tremendous” to you:

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