The Mysterious Disappearance Of Serial Killer Pedro Lopez

(PCM) It is scary to imagine that our law enforcement agencies could lose track of a confirmed serial killer, but that is exactly what happened in the case of convicted serial killer Pedro Lopez.

Hailing from South America, Lopez was convicted and confirmed to have killed 110 people and confessed to having killed at least 300 more between the years of 1969 and 1980. He was released from psychiatric hospital prison in 1998 on the grounds of good behavior, however his current whereabouts are unknown.

This certainly would leave anyone with an uneasy feeling, especially due to the fact that he was responsible for such a large number of murders. It is baffling to think that the law enforcement agencies could lose track of such a prolific serial killer, who despite his good behavior in prison, could still have the potential to be a danger to society.

Lopez was nicknamed “The Monster Of Andes” and when he was apprehended by investigators he confessed to killing the 110 young girls, saying that he averaged about three kills per week as he made his way through the countries of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

He was sentenced to spend his sentence in a psychiatric wing of a hospital in Bogotá. It was while he was hospitalized that Lopez admitted to the killing of over 350 more individuals, including fellow inmates while he was serving a previous prison sentence for a robbery and carjacking attempt.

It was after Lopez’s stint in prison that he began his serial murder spree with killing young girls. According to sources, the only reason that Lopez did not face the extreme punishment of being buried alive by  members of the Ayachucos community when they caught him attempting to abduct a nine-year-old girl was because a Western missionary visiting with the tribe at the time convinced them to hand Lopez over to the Peruvian police.

The Peruvian authorities, however, deported him back to his native Colombia, without prosecuting him for any crimes. Once back in Colombia, Lopez continued his murderous streak, again straying back and forth to Ecuador.

After he was finally apprehended and during the trial Lopez was found to be insane and instead of serving his sentence in a maximum security prison, he was sent to the psychiatric hospital instead. He was released after only serving 14 years and the conditions of his release stated that he only had to pay $50 and follow a strict set of rules.

He obviously did not follow the rules and was able to evade bail enforcers. Since his release in 1998, Lopez has not been seen again. In 2002, an arrest warrant was issued by the Colombian police, in a murder case that resembled Lopez’s MO, however he has still yet to be located.

Scary stuff!

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