Biblical Reasons for Appreciating Wine

Biblical reasons for appreciating wine

Raise your glasses and wish for good health and happiness. Drinking wine has been a part of our celebrations like New Year’s Eve, Christmas parties, weddings. We include it even in the weekly dinner at restaurants. The custom of toasting was prevalent among the Greeks, as illustrated in the Odyssey, where the king Ulysses drank to the health of Achilles. It was common among Egyptians, Hebrews, Persians, and Saxons. For Jews, wine is a holy drink and is indispensable for Sabbath, Passover pilgrimage, and weddings.

The wine had its beginning as an elixir. A Persian King had stored grapes during winter. When he wanted to have them, the grapes had broken skins, and the container had bubbling juice. He thought it was poison and did not drink it. Some days later, a sick woman saw this liquid, thinking it was medicine, she drank it and slept. The following morning, she recovered completely.

But wine is also associated with tragic events. People in stress, utter sadness consume alcohol as it acts as a depressant. It makes you feel less gloomy, and slowly the cure becomes torture. It can make life miserable as you get addicted. Contrary to this, as per the Bible, wine is the gift of God.

However, there are around forty references that warn people regarding drunkenness. There are enough texts that direct people to have the drink in moderation, and it is essential during festivals and is also in the worship of God. Let us check a few of those scriptures that appreciate wine:

Jesus turned water into wine:

It was customary to arrange lavish feasts in Jewish weddings, and wine was always a part of the menu. Jesus and Mother Mary attended a wedding at Cana. Unfortunately, the hosts ran out of wine, and Mary informed the same to Jesus. He had turned water in the stone jars to wine before they were taken to the banquet hall. It was the first miracle that the Lord performed. The fact that he chose a wedding to unveil his supernatural powers shows that he came for spreading love and joy in the world.

Wine as an essential part of Holy Communion:

Many Churches, including the Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, have wine as part of the Last Supper. Communion is the way to realize that those who spread love and are willing to be merciful and forgiving are worthy of receiving God’s blessings. Consuming consecrated bread and wine during the Lord’s Supper symbolizes our union with the Almighty. All the people express their gratitude for having the bread and wine as God’s gift on the communion day. They consider wine as the precious blood of God, Lord Jesus Christ. 

Wine as the gift of God:

In the scriptures of the Bible, wine is the drink that keeps our hearts happy. It recommends the consumption of wine during festivals, prayers, and the land that has an abundance of wine is lucky and blessed. Even today, people give wine as a gift during christening ceremonies, Christmas, and even during the launching of ships. On a similar note, the lack of wine is a bad omen. The wine was a symbol of transformation for the better, and as per the biblical norms, new wine should not be poured in old wineskins. It denotes the acceptance of new ideas and the ability to move forward. Only those who fear God and follow the path of righteousness would be able to grow plants and will have grains, oil, and wine.

Wine’s medicinal properties:

Apostle Paul was mainly responsible for spreading Christianity in the world. He wrote around 13 books in the New Testament. These are also known as 13 Epistles or letters. His letters were for his disciples and the people. In one of his epistles, to his disciple Timothy, he asked him to have wine along with water. He stressed that wine not only makes you happy but also helps in keeping ailments away. He considered it as a medicine and was against the view of completely avoiding it.

Drink responsibly:

As per the Bible, over-indulgence is sinful. Anyone who drinks much and eats like a glutton will have a life full of sorrows. Similarly, eating meat and drinking wine should not cause a problem for others as per the scripture in Romans 14:21.

Only those who did not drink heavily became church leaders. The Bible has mandated that the parents should guide children about responsible drinking. Likewise, people should understand life is not meant for acquiring wealth alone; one has to have time for eating well and drinking a good glass of wine.

Sacramental Wine:

The wine used for the Holy Eucharist has to be 100 percent pure grape content. Some churches prefer a minimal alcohol version of the wine called the Mustum. Mostly they serve red wine, but nowadays, pure white wine is also accepted. A type of Rose wine known as sacramental roses is also popular. Vineyards that supply to the churches grow grapes exclusively for liturgical purposes. Popular brands in the category are O Neh Da, Cribari, and Mont La Salle.  

Ceremonial Gift Wines:

It is customary to give wine as a gift during rituals like a christening, baptism, wedding, Easter, and Christmas.

The wine for christening will be opened and appreciated two decades later, so vintage ports such as Taylor Fladgate are ideal. Wines like Harry & David Duo, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir are a part of the Christmas gift Box. For Valentine’s day, fresh and fruity wines like Je t’aime Brut, are the best. And, for Saint Patrick’s Day, it is always a pint of Guinness.

Thus, wine is an essential ingredient of the Christian tradition. But the Bible warns sufficiently against drunkenness too. Drinking too much of it could lead to disgrace, incest, and immorality.

As per the Bible, wine is sacred, and it replaced animal sacrifices. It is regarded as the love in the Song of Solomon. We can conclude that drinking wine is not a sin and is a way to enjoy our lives on Earth.

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