Disney+ News and New Releases

Here’s what Pope Culture Press has for you in Disney+ News. 

Disney+ Raising Rates Again

Some big news dropped during a Disney company earnings call. Bob Iger announced that for the second time in a little over a year, Disney+ will raise its rates again. It will take place later this year. No word on how much but they are justifying this by adding Hulu content to their library with a new App to support it. What makes little sense is Disney+ has been bleeding customers over changes to their content. From Star Wars to Marvel, the company has changed its story universe and customers have simply walked away from the service to the tune of 4 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2023.  Meanwhile, Hulu and ESPN+ will retain their own platforms in an effort to bring in more cash for the struggling company. 

Writers Strike Hit DareDevil

The recent writers guild strike has disrupted Disney+’s Born Again series featuring Marvel’s DareDevil. The writers for the show in fact picketed the current DareDevil set. Sometime soon after lunch the production crew called it a wrap for the say and it’s in question if they will continue at this time.