Ever Wonder Why A Revolving Door Was Created?


(PCM) For some reason many people seem to have an aversion to using revolving doors. Could it be the feeling of claustrophobia trapped in your little triangle as the door spins or perhaps it is the fear of becoming stuck if someone else fails to complete the rotation. Either way, people will go out their way to avoid using them, even if it means having to walk to a further entrance with a regular door to get into a building. 

In case you were wondering about just why revolving doors were created in the first place, we did some digging and discovered that they were invented by a man named Theophilus Van Kannel for one reason and one reason only … he hated chivalry! 

According to report from Slate.com, Van Kannel despised getting to the door at the same time as another gentlemen and having that “oh, you first’ exchange and more than anything else, Van Kannel hated feeling obligated to open the door for women. 

Van Kannel decided he had to do something to avoid having to be chivalrous and in the year of 1888 was granted a patent for a “storm door structure” that would later go on to become the revolving door that everyone avoids.  It took several years, but the very first revolving door was installed at a restaurant in New York City called Rector’s in 1899. 

Van Kannel’s invention of the revolving door not only helped abolish chivalry, but it also created a way to keep dirt, dust, rain, sleet, and snow from entering a building.  

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