Scott Stapp Reminds Sea World Orlando How Awesome Creed Is

Sea World Orlando is celebrating its Seven Seas Food Festival 2023, which features special food and drink options and free weekend concerts at their open-air Bayside Stadium. Scott Stapp, lead singer of rock legends Creed, performed on Sunday evening, April 30, 2023.


Scott Stapp at Sea World ©2023 Johnnie Crow Photos


Stapp played a 10 song set, with a 2 song encore, encouraging the crowd to sing along throughout the night. He also shared stories about how some of the songs were written, often mentioning his family which was in attendance. At one point, his young son joined him onstage to say hello. He played songs from all four Creed albums, and one – “Survivor” – from his excellent 2019 solo album “The Space Between The Shadows”. It would have been great to hear even more from that album, as it is full of inspiring music.


Creed, and Stapp in particular, have received an incredibly unfair amount of criticism over the years. This is completely unwarranted. Creed actually saved rock radio in the late 1990’s, setting the stage for the renaissance that happened in the 2000’s. Their songs are timeless, and have been passed on to a second generation now. The crowd at Sea World sang along to everything, and Stapp even brought the music down several times to let the crowd sing a cappella. These were goose bump moments, which hit as hard emotionally on this night as they did decades ago.


Creed at Rocklahoma ©2012 Johnnie Crow Photos


Scott Stapp sounds amazing. He is a family man and appears to be healthy and happy. The rock world can only hope that Mark Tremonti can find some time in the future, between Alter Bridge, Tremonti and his Frank Sinatra tribute to support Take A Chance For Charity, to get the band back together for another album and world tour. Creed’s songs are cathartic, emotional, inspirational and beautiful. They deserve to be experienced again live in all of their glory.


Scott Stapp set list for Sea World Orlando on April 30, 2023:

  • Bullets
  • Torn
  • What If
  • Weathered
  • Overcome
  • Survivor (Scott Stapp solo song)
  • My Own Prison
  • One
  • With Arms Wide Open
  • Higher


  • One Last Breath
  • My Sacrifice


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