A Loving Tribute to Peter B. Bindemanis, a Kind and Caring Family Man

Peter B. Bindemanis passed away on Wednesday, March 22 in West Palm Beach, Florida, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts. He was 64.

A former senior manager for the Federal Blue Cross-Blue Shield Plan, Mr. Bindemanis worked hard and enjoyed his leisure time. He had a deep passion for the arts, including photography, jazz music, theater, film, eclectic museum exhibits, travel, fine dining, and Major League Baseball.

He and his wife, Judi Wallace, hiked in the Shenandoah Valley, dined everywhere from Maine to San Francisco, and were able to meet up with life-long friends during their many travels.

The loving son of Maiga and Edgar Bindemanis, and a lifelong learner, Mr. Bindemanis received his MBA from Loyola University in Baltimore and was always seen with a book, the New York Times, or a research project in hand. His undergraduate degree was in cartography; the exploration of maps.

Several years ago, Peter quickly adapted to the South Florida lifestyle; enjoying time to swim, walking on the beach, working out in the fitness room, attending computer and photography classes, and making new friends at a myriad of social activities.

He is described by family members and close friends as “quiet, a bit shy, patient, a Renaissance man, introspective, and consistently loving and caring.” He was someone you could always count on to share both the joyous celebrations and to provide comfort during difficult times.

An engaging storyteller, Peter loved to share stories about his childhood and various adventures such as hiking, and those who listened did so with rapt attention.

He was always eager to share his research and happy to recommend books, homeopathic remedies, movies, and music, and following his recommendations always led to enriching new endeavors.

I will miss the thoughtful letters, New York Times clippings, lovely stories, and encouragement for my writing career and my son Adam’s accomplishments.

Peter had many gifts. His love and zest for life, care, and concern for others, and sense of humor will live on in our hearts as his lasting legacy. He will be greatly missed by all of us who had the pleasure of sharing his life with him.

The last time I saw my brother-in-law (March 2023) at his condo in South Florida, he told me and my sister, Sherri, to visit often and that he thought of us as sisters and not sisters-in-law. I was deeply touched by his great love for everyone, especially for my sister, Judi, friends, and our extended family.

Mr. Bindemanis is survived by his wife, Judi Wallace; sister, Anita Deanell and brother-in-law Carl Deanell; sisters-in-law, Debra Wallace Forman and Sherri Sidley; nephews, Adam Forman and Allan Sidley, niece Jill Sidley; and great niece, Sunny Sidley.