Freevee’s Upcoming Series ‘Underdeveloped’ Set To Appear At San Diego Comic Con

“American Pie” star and musician Thomas Nicholas joins the show both as a starring role and executive producer, partnering with show creator + executive producer Brian A. Metcalf (Adverse & Living Among Us) and executive producer Kelly Arjen (Adverse). Additionally including a star-studded cast with David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place), Tom Arnold (True Lies), David Koechner (The Office), Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural) and more, the mockumentary-style limited series follows a group of failed and inexperienced producers forced to work together at a production company and is slated to premiere on Amazon + Freevee this July (exact release date TBD).


This hilarious mockumentary style series can be compared to popular shows like The Office, Abbott Elementary, Parks and Recreation and Entourage. Underdeveloped surrounds a group of failed and inexperienced producers, forced to work together at a production company. Viewers are sure to fall in love with these quirky characters, as they follow them along their journey.


Underdeveloped is the story about a group of inexperienced misfits who are forced to work together in a film production company. But the show is more about the relationships these misfits have with one another as they make mistakes and learn from them.

It all begins when Stan (played by Brian A. Metcalf), a completely inexperienced nerd is given the opportunity to run one of the lower film divisions by his brother-in-law, Ralph (played by Tom Arnold), after his wife demands he do so. This irks Joe (played by Thomas Ian Nicholas) who was originally meant to take on the job. So, Ralph puts Joe to work alongside Stan in the new division.

Ralph has little faith in the faltering division or in Stan, so he places him with a team of people who are one step away from the chopping block. But somehow this group manages to get through everything together.

More on the Cast

Underdeveloped is an independent production with a diverse cast and crew. American Pie’s Thomas Ian Nicolas joins showrunner, Brian Metcalf and Executive Producer, Kelly Arjen. Due to the success the success of their previous collaborations, these three talented indie filmmakers joined together again to release a show that is sure to get you laughing. Kelly doubles as the executive producer and actor, playing Livy. Along with her work as an EP and actor, she created all the subtitle translations for the show. Brian serves at the showrunner and one of the stars, playing Stan.

The show will be accompanied by an intriguing music video, scheduled to be released on Bowling for Soup’s Vevo channel in line with the premiere of ‘Underdeveloped.’

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