June 17 in History

June 17 in Pop Culture History

June 17 is…
Apple Strudel Day
Cherry Tart Day
Eat Your Vegetables Day
Global Garbage Man Day
National Mascot Day
Stewart’s Root Beer Day

1462 – Vlad III the Impaler attempted to assassinate Mehmed II, forcing him to retreat from Wallachia, Romania.

1631 – Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, spent the next 17 years building her mausoleum, the Taj Mahal.

1837 – Charles Goodyear obtained his first rubber-processing patent. The success of his company came after he died in 1860.

1852 – W.H. Fancher and C.M. French of Waterloo, N.Y. received a patent (#35,600) for a combined plow and gun. Yes, you read that correctly.

1885 – The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor.

1944 – Iceland declared independence from Denmark and became a republic.

1963 – The US Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 in Abington School District v. Schempp, against requiring the reciting of Bible verses and the Lord’s Prayer in public schools.

1969 – Oh! Calcutta! (Broadway Review) Opened on June 17, 1969, and closed on August 12, 1972

1971 – President Richard Nixon declared the US War on Drugs.

1983 – Superman II was released in theaters

1987 – Florida’s Dusky Seaside Sparrow became extinct when ‘Orange band’, the last known of the species, died.

1988 – Bull Durham, Red Heat, and The Great Outdoors debuted in theaters

#1 Hit June 17, 1989 – June 23, 1989: New Kids on the BlockI’ll Be Loving You (Forever)

1994 – All major networks provided live coverage of the O.J. Simpson low-speed car chase in the White Bronco. The chase concluded with Simpson’s surrender to authorities in front of his mansion in Brentwood, CA.

#1 Hit June 17, 2006 – June 30, 2006: Shakira featuring Wyclef JeanHips Don’t Lie

2011 – Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Green Lantern were released in theaters