The Curious History Of Beloved Internet Sensation ‘Keyboard Cat’

(PCM) Each and everyday while surfing across our various social media accounts we are inundated with literally hundreds of funny pictures, memes and viral videos. It appears that almost everyone wants their quick 15 minutes of viral internet fame and then they often vanish leaving very little trace. One of the earliest viral videos that began circulating the internet was “Keyboard Cat” which features a strange looking fat cat dressed in a blue shirt haphazardly banging away at a keyboard with his paws creating a jazzy little tune.

By now we are nearly certain that most of you have seen some variation of “Keyboard Cat” pop up on your social media feeds over the last few years. Not only is “Keyboard Cat” a viral video, but he has also been turned into countless memes, GIFs and more. But do you know the real story behind “Keyboard Cat”? Just where did this silly cat originate and just why did his owner decide to make such an odd video in the first place?  Did you know that “Keyboard Cat” is not his real name? Read on to learn more about “Keyboard Cats” curious internet history and learn just why something so ridiculous manages to go viral.

The original “Keyboard Cat” video has now racked up nearly 48 million views on YouTube and each and every day that number continues to grow. It has without a doubt become one of the most popular cat videos on the internet, as it is one that is constantly watched and re-watched by fans. The video was first uploaded back in 2007 and many were left wondering why “Keyboard Cats” owner never posted any additional videos.

Unfortunately, there is a sad answer to that question. Tragically, “Keyboard Cat”, whose real name was Fatso, passed away back in the year of 1987. This is long before the days of the internet, YouTube and social media. So, you may be wondering just how “Keyboard Cat” then went on to be an internet star and that answer sits with “Keyboard Cats” owner, Mr. Charlie Schmidt. Schmidt recorded the video of “Keyboard Cat” aka Fatso back in 1984 and he is the person manipulating the cats paws from underneath of the shirt. Schmidt initially uploaded the video clip under a different name titled “Charlie Schmidt’s Cool Cats”, however once he saw the video was beginning to pick up steam he changed the name to “Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat – The Original.” The rest is history.

Many people have asked why Schmidt did not just get a new cat once Fatso passed away and it turns out that he did, however he had already signed a ton of merchandising deals that featured the image of Fatso, as “Keyboard Cat”. His image appears on everything from coffee mugs and t-shirts to other various household items. Schmidt has tried to make a few videos featuring the new cat, but none have managed to take off in the same way as the original “Keyboard Cat”. Looks like he is going to be stuck making a living off of merchandising and royalties, as “Keyboard Cat” is just irreplaceable.

See … this is just sad … RIP Fatso!

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