The Mysterious And Unexplained Disappearance Of Pilot Felix Moncla

(PCM) Was it a UFO,some kind of spontaneous combustion or just a freak accident? These are the questions we have to ask ourselves when delving into the mysterious and unexplained disappearance of United States Air Force Pilot Felix Moncla.

It is rumored that Mocla had an encounter with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) when he was flying his jet. In 1953, Moncla, an Air Force Lieutenant who was stationed at Kinross Air Force Base in Michigan spotted a UFO on the base radar system. He then took an F-89 Scorpion Inceptor plane up in the air to further investigate the object.

It was then reported by radar operators still on the ground that Moncla’s plane was flying at about 500 mph and closed in on the UFO, while over northern Lake Superior at about 7,000 ft in the air. It is at that point that Moncla’s plane appeared to collide directly with the UFO and then both disappeared completely off the radar.

A search and rescue team was immediately dispatched to the assumed location, however no wreckage, or debris from either aircraft was ever discovered.  Canadian aviation authorities have always maintained the story that there were no planes in the sky at the time of the mysterious “collision”. However, Moncla was never heard from again, completely vanishing from existence.

The governments official statement on the case was that Moncla crashed into Lake Superior while in pursuit of a Canadian aircraft and may have suffered from vertigo, however UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists refer to the story as the Kinross Incident and whole-heartedly believe that Moncla was in full pursuit of an alien spacecraft.

U.S. Officials also went on to claim that the Scorpion jet may have exploded over the lake, however this theory does not make a lot of sense either, as if there was any sort of explosion there surely would have been some debris scattered over the lake.

Over the years there have been a few dive searched conducted in Lake Superior in or around the supposed crash site with one company claiming to have discovered the plane wreckage, however this information was later debunked and the company was proven to be fraudulent in it’s claims, so it was likely just another cover-up for the standing UFO theory.  Interestingly enough, government records listed the crash as an accident, with no further details included.

Those close to the case believe that the loss of the Scorpion was a direct result of an encounter with the UFO clearly seen on radar. In recent years, the Michigan Diving Company has made assertions that they may have found the jet and the UFO, but this finding is still being investigated. As of right now, Lieutenant Moncla’s disappearance still remains a mystery.


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