Funko Fundays At San Diego Comic Con 2023! Camp Fundays Was A Great Success!

We had an absolute blast attending San Diego Comic Con 2023 and one of the true highlights of the weekend came from attending Funko’s Camp Fundays event. Overall, we had a fantastic and memorable evening celebrating all things Funko…it was absolutely wild!

This year’s Camp Fundays event took place at the Rady Shell located on the marina just out back of the San Diego Convention Center. This year marked the first time that Funko has booked the event in an outdoor venue, and it was certainly a perfect choice.  Well-over 3,000 fans attended Camp Fundays and Funko spared no expense making sure that we all had the time of our lives.

The Pops, Sodas and other items featured and given out at the event are some of the rarest and most difficult to obtain making the evening even more special for die-hard fans and collectors. For this year’s Camp Fundays event the audience was divided up into four teams to compete for the evenings most sought after prizes. We were assigned to the Protomoa Wolves team, and let’s just say we got pretty lucky with that one…especially considering the demand for a certain, ahem, Freddy as Wolverine Pop, but more on that topic later!

Each person that attended Camp Fundays was given food and drink tokens, a team hat and of course, the infamous Box of Fun. Each Box Of Fun contained three limited edition Pops and three Sodas. The boxes are all packed at random, so you have no idea what you are going to end up with!  We didn’t do badly and ending up with some fairly valuable Pops and Sodas to add to our extensive collection. Once the boxes were opened, it was a frenzy of buying and swapping, as the traders circled (a bit like vultures) trying to collect the most valuable items. However, that did not stop our fun, as we enjoyed keeping our Box Of Fun to ourselves and enjoying Funko’s amazing show!

The “campy” festivities were hosted by Activities Director Dale and camper Chip Chipper who introduced us to the evening’s special celebrity guests which included Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys and actor/musician Corey Feldman. Each celebrity guest played a game with the audience, and each has a special edition Pop that will be rolling out in the near future.

Activities Director Dale and Chip Chipper also revealed all of the new Funko Pops that will soon be released and also introduced the team from Loungefly who also revealed some pretty awesome looking designs set for release later this year including Nightmare Before Christmas and Goosebumps. It was revealed that there will be new Pops for Dungeons & Dragons, WWE, Stranger Things, One Piece and all new-Marvel holiday edition figures. It was also revealed that there will be a new Toy Story collection for Bitty, as well!

While team Protomoa Wolves did not win the overall team competition for the evening, we did get our hands on some pretty amazing items after winning a few games, especially the most sought-after Freddy Funko as Wolverine Pop, which left everyone hunting down Wolves after the show looking to buy or trade! Sorry, guys, we were refusing to part with our beloved clawed X-men favorite! Some cool free items given out to everyone in attendance including a large-scale Big Foot or Yetti Pop, an adorable S’mores figure and a fun Brian or Dale Blockbuster Rewind packaged figure and the new Star Wars game.

It was a great night filled with fun, laughter, and good vibes! Go Team Wolves!  Funko, as per usual, has once again outdone themselves giving fans an absolutely incredible night! We can’t wait to see what they have in-store for New York Comic Con in October, and next year’s SDCC, as well!



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