Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ Takes Viewers On One Heck Of A Wild Ride!

Do you like cars? Do you like explosions? Do you like clowns with flaming heads? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll love “Twisted Metal”, the new Peacock series that’s based on the video game of the same name. This show is a blast, literally and figuratively.

All 10-episodes of Peacock’s TV adaptation of the beloved PlayStation game will begin streaming on Thursday, July 27 and viewers had best be ready to hang onto their seats for this edgy thrill-ride of a series.

This show has it all: explosive action, dark humor, twisted characters, and a killer soundtrack. You’ll be hooked from the first episode, as you follow the adventures of a ragtag group of drivers who compete in a deadly demolition derby for a mysterious prize.

What is the prize? Who knows? Who cares? All that matters is the carnage, the comedy, and the characters. The show is hilarious, with witty dialogue and absurd situations.

The show is faithful to the spirit of the games, but also adds its own twists and surprises. The cast is amazing, especially Anthony Mackie as the motor-mouthed delivery man John Doe, Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet and Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth, the psychotic clown with a flaming head, who is actually voiced by Will Arnett. He steals every scene he’s in with his charisma and menace.

The show is also visually stunning, with impressive special effects and car designs. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the chaos, as cars crash, explode, and transform into weapons of mass destruction. You’ll be amazed by the creativity and variety of the vehicles, which can transform into anything from rocket launchers to giant saw blades. Twisted Metal is a show that will make you laugh, gasp, and cheer.

Twisted Metal is a must-watch for fans of the games, and anyone who loves adrenaline-fueled entertainment. It’s one of the most fun shows of the year, and I can’t wait for more!

Last week during San Diego Comic Con, Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller hosted the world premiere screening of the first episode of “Twisted Metal”, followed by a “Twisted Metal”-inspired version of Kinda Funny’s interactive game, “Kinda Feudy,”.

Credit: David Yeh

Prior to the screening, Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck made an appearance for a free serving of Salt + Straw’s exclusive “Twisted Metal” ice cream flavor, which debuted for the first time at SDCC.  It was delicious! We also couldn’t help but hang around Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck, as there was to be a surprise musical guest performing, and it turned out to be none other than the silver-haired god himself Sisqo giving us a impromptu concert.

Sisqo blasted through a number of his hits, before, breaking into the “Thong Song” and having Sweet Tooth join him on stage to close out this fun-filled surprise concert. Only at SDCC will you see a Sisqo performing with a twerking killer clown and we loved every moment! Freaking hilarious!

@ageofthenerd Only at #sdcc do you have an impromptu #sisqo concert with #sweettooth from #twistedmetal! Amazing! #twistedmetal #sisqo #sweettoothtwistedmetal #peacock #peacocktv #sdcc #sdcc2023 ♬ original sound – Age Of The Nerd

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