Why You Shouldn’t Worry If You Get A Friend Request From Jayden K. Smith

(PCM) Man, that Jayden K. Smith guy just wants to be friends with everyone it seems! The latest Facebook scam that has been making the rounds is a warning message alerting people that if they receive a friend request from a person going by the name of Jayden K. Smith (no, not actor Will Smith’s son) that it is a hacking program and your account will be compromised.

The truth of the matter is that actually very few people have received any actual friend requests from anyone named Jayden K. Smith, it is the warning message that is the scam not the friend request. Not to worry though, it is a harmless scam just meant to mess with everyone’s head and have you spamming up your Facebook friend’s messenger feeds.

Literally millions of Facebook and Twitter users have been receiving notifications from their family and friends warning them not to accept any unsolicited friend requests from the Jayden K. Smith account. The copied/pasted message is the same for every person and starts out by saying “Please tell all the contact in your Messenger list, not to accept Jayden K. Smith friend request” and then goes on to warn about the potential for hacking.

This is nothing more than a scare tactic and most likely all of your personal information will still be secured. This is not the first time that scam artist has began a chain message warning in regards to potential hackers, the only real difference is that they were using different names in the past. This time is just so happens to be Jayden K. Smith, next time it will be a completely different name.

It is virtually impossible to send a virus or get hacked by simply accepting a friend request on Facebook. What you have to be more careful with is opening up odd email and/or message attachments, basically anything that could possible download some yucky stuff on your devices. Many people are joking about the Jayden K. Smith rumor and claiming that Jayden K. Smith is actually the fictitious Keyser Soze, however keep in mind those report may be unsubstantiated!

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