Hatfield And McCoy Descendants Unearth The Site Of Their Families 1888 Ambush


(PCM) Nearly everyone knows the story of the infamous Hatfield And McCoy family feud that claimed at least a dozen lives leading up to an ambush that took place in 1888 and did not officially come to an end until the descendants of both families signed a truce in 2003. Many believe that the actual feud began during the Civil War, but there were many dispute that popped up between the two families over timber rights and even a pig. 

It was truly a sight to behold as descendants of both the Hatfield and McCoy families stood side-by side armed with digging tools rather than weapons in an attempt to assist archaeologists unearth artifacts at the site of of the families bloodiest battles during the on-going feud. The archaeologists were able to pinpoint the location of Randolph McCoy’s home that was infamously burned down by members of the Hatfield family. Another two McCoy family members were also gunned down during the attack, which served as a major turning point in the families on-going feud.

The archaeologist and members of both families were able to uncover charred timber, shell casings, nails, a pulley, as well as, various glass and ceramic fragments. It was an amazing and therapeutic experience for many of the Hatfield and McCoy descendants as they found themselves literally digging through their family’s past and historic history.  The property where the excavation took place is currently owned by Hatfield descendant Bob Scott, who would like to build a replica cabin on the same spot to honor his family’s legacy. 

As news of the excavation breaks visitors from all over the country are coming by to take a tour of the site and gain some further insight it to this epic historical feud. The families now share a very special kinship among on another and many have since even apologized for the actions of their ancestors.  


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