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Warner Bros. Discovery Max Streaming News August 2023

Flash Streaming Release Suddenly Announced

Warner Bros. held off for as long as it could before finally announcing Flash will hit Max streaming in only 7 days on Friday, August 25.  The time-traveling multiverse Flash was billed as one of the best superhero films made just before its release in June of 2023.  Budgeted at 200 million,  it brought in 55 million in’s first weekend of release with an overall opening of roughly 64 million before it ran out of legs.  It seems with all the noise Ezra Miller created before its release coupled with DC’s bad track record of superhero films and overall superhero fatigue there was just not enough interest to meet the hype. While the film tells a fun and interesting story, it lacked any real emotional hook that the original graphic novel held with modern comic book film fans.  With Max losing more customers, it doesn’t appear Flash will make any impact with streaming viewer statistics either.